My Search for the Softest Jute Rug

Natural fiber area rugs are such a beautiful, timeless, and affordable way to update a room. I love the look of jute and sisal rugs. They look beautiful most decor and from my experience, hold up pretty well in high-traffic areas, so they’re great for a family room. It’s no wonder interior designers use them as often as they do. Here’s a look back my favorite rugs that I’ve owned over the years and my search for the softest jute rug. You can shop my living room here.

My Search for the Softest Jute Rug

There’s a reason you’ll see jute rugs in so many home decor accounts. Jute rugs are typically more affordable than wool rugs, and are a good option for most homes. Natural rugs like jute and sisal look beautiful and the good ones will hold up. Just take a look at our sisal runner. Finding a jute area rug with soft fibers was an ordeal. I don’t usually use a rug bad because jute gets really dusty underneath the rug, and I like to fold it back and vacuum on occasion. A rug pad would get really gross. Natural-fiber rugs can be rough, but after trying out quite a few over the years, I found a great option for high traffic areas. 

The West Elm jute boucle in flax

This rug is very affordable and held up pretty well – it’s great for high traffic areas. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for budget-friendly, but not as soft as others. I wouldn’t recommend this one for a crawling baby, but when it comes to natural fiber rugs, it’s one of the best. 

The West Elm jute chenille herringbone

I love this chenille rug because it’s one of the softer jute rugs available. Like other jute fiber rugs, it does shed, but the chenille makes it softer than any other jute fiber rug. The design is unexpected – it’s a modern take on a traditional jute. I found it to be a little less durable, so wouldn’t recommend it in a high traffic area, and it faded a bit in direct sunlight, too. Still – it’s a good choice if you want something different. 



The West Elm jute boucle in ivory

I love the lighter tone of the West Elm jute. The flax jute blends in if your hardwood floors have a more honey tone, but this stands out a little more, and has a more modern feel. It’s not super-soft, so I wouldn’t recommend this for a play space for kids, but it feels good under bare feet, and held up very well. It’s a great rug and an affordable option. 

The Serena and Lily diamond jute

Another new twist on a jute. This rug lays a little more flat than most which makes it great under a chair that you might frequently pull in or out, so it was perfect in my home office, and would be a great choice for a dining room. The lighter shade makes it a bit more versatile, and I just love the design of it. 

Serena & Lily

Diamond Jute

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The World Market Ivory Jute

This rug is a fantastic budget find. It sheds a bit less than some of the others, looks and feels great underfoot, but isn’t cozy enough for crawling babies. If you don’t have kids, or if they’re a little older, it’s a great pick. 

World Market

Ivory Jute

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The Ben Soleimani Braided Jute

This is by far the softest of any jute rug I’ve ever felt. It’s comfortable enough to sit on, but it will shed on your black pants. If you want a natural fiber rug with young kids who will play on the floor, this is it. It was surprisingly easy to clean – you can’t see where I spilled half a cup of coffee in the middle of the rug. 

Choosing the best natural fiber rug

I started out with this rug and liked it at first, but it was a little too dark and felt too rough/lumpy for a baby. I wanted a soft rug that wouldn’t shed too much which isn’t the easiest type of jute to find. The West Elm jute rug sheds a decent amount which isn’t ideal with darker floors. If you like the rug, go for it, but don’t expect to get more than a handful of years out of it. I decided to head to West Elm, Pottery Barn, and World Market to compare their jute rugs and the World Market was hands-down my favorite. It’s budget-friendly and soft – I love it! The West Elm jute rugs weren’t soft enough and the Pottery Barn one was too chunky.

I loved that rug, but once we ended up changing out our sofa, the room felt too washed out. We needed something with warmer tones, so I sold it. I then ended up putting our Serena and Lily diamond jute in our living room. I love that rug! It’s very flat so not super cozy to play on, but it’s a beautiful rug. It’s similar in tone to the World Market (looked too washed out) so the search for something warmer began.

Choosing a soft braided jute rug

I had the opportunity to partner with Ben Soleimani who gifted the rug we currently own. I chose the soft hand-braided jute rug (the softest jute I’ve ever felt). It does shed (it’s jute so that’s life) but doesn’t shed too much, and I’ve found if we vacuum once or twice a week, that it’s really not bad at all. The jute fibers are the softest I’ve ever felt, and I think it’s one of the best natural fiber rugs out there. I’d call it the best option here. It has survived frequent vacuuming, but after a few years, is starting to wear, as most jutes would. The softer fiber and style still make it my back for one of the softest natural area rugs. 

I also love the Porto jute. It is made of 100% woven natural jute, and looks good with everything. It’s not the softest that I’ve felt, so I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time sitting on it, but it is priced very well. Great underfoot but again, not ideal for crawling babies. 

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