Earlier this year, I started using Jones Road beauty products by makeup artist Bobbi Brown. I used Bobbi Brown cosmetics and skincare since college and up until I made the switch to clean beauty. I was thrilled when Bobbi Brown launched Jones Road Beauty, which quickly established itself as a clean beauty brand that champions a minimalist approach to makeup.  Jones Road Beauty products are designed to enhance natural beauty, catering to those who prefer a more understated and realistic aesthetic.

This guide provides an in-depth look at the brand’s philosophy, product offerings, and their impact on the beauty landscape. I love this brand and want to share some of my favorites that you should add to your beauty routine. These clean products are formulated with key essential oils and are so hydrating. I’ve tried a few of the products and love them, so I actually just ordered a few more and will add them to this post. But I really wanted to get this up because I love this brand. Here’s my honest review of Jones Road products. 


An Honest Review of Jones Road – Bobbi Brown’s Clean Makeup Brand



Bobbi Brown’s departure from her brand in 2016 allowed her to rethink her approach to beauty. Shortly after, she created a line of products that focused on both simplicity and clean ingredients. Let’s discuss some of my favorite things about Jones Road. Specifically, Jones Road’s high-grade formulations adhere to guidelines that are even stricter than those of the E.U. Since the brand has eliminated thousands of potentially harmful ingredients, you can feel really good about putting these products on your skin.

The Jones Road team sent a few things to me earlier this year, and I loved them so much that I purchased more product. These products are some of the best beauty products for dry skin like mine. Bobbi Brown is an icon in the beauty industry so I am thrilled she created this hydrating, minimalist natural beauty line. I’ve really used this collection’s skincare products since hydration is so important to me, but will order a few more things since I tend to go for the no makeup makeup look, and I think this brand will be perfect for that. I love good lip balms and just ordered the lippie stick along with the brow pencil, face pencil, and a new oil stick. 

The brand’s philosophy can be broken down into several key principles


1. Minimalism

Jones Road Beauty promotes a less-is-more approach, encouraging users to embrace their natural features rather than masking them. This philosophy is reflected in the product range, which consists of versatile, multi-purpose items that simplify the makeup routine.

2. Clean Beauty

A commitment to clean beauty is central to Jones Road’s ethos. All products are free from potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. The brand emphasizes transparency, ensuring consumers know exactly what they are putting on their skin.

3. Effortless Application

Jones Road Beauty products are designed for easy application, suitable for both makeup novices and experts. The textures and formulations are user-friendly, allowing for quick and seamless application with minimal tools.

4. Universal Appeal

The brand aims to be inclusive, creating products that work across a wide range of skin tones and types. This inclusivity is evident in the shade ranges and the versatility of the products.


Here’s what I ordered




Jones Road Miracle Balm in au naturel

I absolutely love Jones Road Beauty’s Miracle Balm for my dry skin, but it’s a great hydrator for all skin types. The Miracle Balm, one of Jones Road’s hero products, serves as a multi-purpose balm that delivers soft-focus moisture to the skin. Available in several shades, you can apply the balm to your cheeks, lips, or anywhere that needs a touch of glow. The product enhances your skin’s natural texture, offering a dewy, hydrated finish. Formulated with jojoba seed oil, an antioxidant and antibacterial plant oil, it replenishes fatty acids. It also contains castor oil, argan oil, and other essential vitamins and minerals for your skin. Use Miracle Balm alone or on your foundation for an instant refresh. Its versatile use on cheeks, lips, and eyes provides sheer, buildable coverage.

How to Use:

  • Warm a small amount of the balm between your fingers.
  • Apply to the desired areas, blending with fingertips or a brush.
  • Layer to achieve the desired intensity.


Oil Stick

Jones Road’s oil stick is another one of my favorite products. It is a versatile skincare product designed to provide hydration and a healthy glow, and is in a convenient stick format for easy, mess-free application. This face oil is brilliant and comes in stock form so it’s great on the go or for travel. It glides on so smoothly and is one of the better beauty products I’ve tried. A little goes a long way and it gives just a little extra glow. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially dry or dehydrated skin and can be used on the face, lips, cuticles, or any dry patches.

How to Use It: 

Face: Glide the stick over dry areas, such as cheeks, forehead, and chin, then blend with fingers.

Lips: Apply directly to the lips for instant hydration.

Cuticles: Rub the stick over cuticles to soften and moisturize.

Dry Patches: Apply to elbows, knees, or other dry areas as needed.


Hippie Stick

Ok, so this is one of those multi-purpose products that you can use anywhere you need moisturizing – it’s especially wonderful on your heels. It’s  multi-purpose balm designed for head-to-toe hydration and glow. The hippie stick contains nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil. Its rich, emollient texture that melts into the skin and it’s ideal for use on the face, body, and even hair. I love it so much that I purchased an extra one just for my feet. It’s a universal balm (in stick form) that perfectly moisturized your face and body. 

How to Use It: 

Face: Apply to dry areas or use as a highlighter for a dewy finish.

Body: Massage into dry skin areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Hair: Use a small amount to tame frizz or add shine to the ends of the hair.


Miracle Cream

This one is great for dry skin types and is formulated with vitamin e and shea butter. Miracle cream is a deeply hydrating cream that revitalizes and repairs dry, damaged skin. Its formulated with ingredients like squalane, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid, and provides intense moisture and helps improve skin texture and elasticity. Miracle cream is suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for dry or mature skin.

How to Use It:

Face: Apply a generous amount to clean, dry skin, massaging in circular motions until absorbed.

Neck and Chest: Use upward strokes to apply to the neck and chest area.

Overnight Treatment: Apply a thicker layer before bed for an intensive overnight hydration boost.


What the Foundation

WTF is a tinted moisture balm that blends into the skin. It provides light to medium coverage with a natural finish. One of my favorite things about this creamy foundation is that it won’t settle info fine lines. And I’m in my early 40s so I definitely have those. But – it’s really nice to have as a smooth layer for a bit more coverage, and it’s super-hydrating. WTF features nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut alkanes, and sodium hyaluronate. It comes in 12 shades that blend across all skin tones. 

How to Use It: 

Application: Use fingers, a brush, or a sponge to apply a small amount of the foundation to the face.

Blend: Start from the center of the face and blend outward for even coverage.

Build: Layer as needed for additional coverage in areas requiring more attention.

Finish: Set with a light dusting of powder if desired for a more matte finish.


The Face Pencil

The Face Pencil is a concealer and foundation in one, designed to be applied precisely where needed. It’s available in a wide range of shades to cater to various skin tones. The pencil format allows for targeted application, making it ideal for covering blemishes, redness, and under-eye circles. It’s multi-use for concealing and foundation, with creamy, blendable texture and buildable coverage with a natural finish.

How to Use It: 

  • Apply directly to the areas needing coverage.
  • Blend with fingers, a brush, or a sponge.
  • Layer as needed for additional coverage.


Just a Sec Eyeshadow

Just a Sec Eyeshadow is a cream shadow that provides a sheer, luminous wash of color. It’s designed for quick and easy application, perfect for those who want a subtle, polished look with minimal effort. Its creamy, long-wearing formula offers sheer, buildable color and it has a reflective finish for a luminous effect.

How to Use it: 

  • Apply with fingertips or a brush.
  • Blend over the eyelid, layering for more intensity.
  • Use alone or as a base for powder shadows.


The Mascara

The Mascara is designed to enhance the lashes without clumping or flaking. It provides volume, length, and definition, creating a natural yet impactful look. It’s Long-wearing, smudge-proof formula offers buildable volume and length, and it’s enriched with conditioning ingredients.

How to Use It:

  • Apply from the base to the tips of the lashes.
  • Layer to build volume and length.
  • Use the tip of the wand to reach smaller lashes.


The Lip Tint

The Lip Tint provides a sheer wash of buildable color with a balm-like texture. It’s designed to hydrate and tint the lips, offering a natural, polished look. It’s a moisturizing formula with oils and butters and is aailable in multiple shades.

How to Use:

  • Apply directly to the lips.
  • Layer to achieve the desired intensity.
  • Use alone or under gloss for added shine.


Clean Beauty Commitment

Jones Road Beauty’s commitment to clean beauty is not just a marketing gimmick but a core value. The brand’s products are formulated without harmful chemicals, and they emphasize transparency in ingredient sourcing and formulation.

Ingredient Transparency

Jones Road Beauty provides comprehensive ingredient lists for all products, allowing consumers to make informed choices. The brand avoids potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.


The brand is also mindful of sustainability, using eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. This commitment extends to reducing waste and ensuring that their products are environmentally responsible.


Jones Road Beauty products are cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals. This ethical stance aligns with the growing consumer demand for cruelty-free beauty options.


Impact on the Beauty Industry

Jones Road Beauty’s launch and subsequent success have had a notable impact on the beauty industry. The brand’s minimalist, clean beauty approach has resonated with consumers and influenced industry trends.

Shift Towards Minimalism

Jones Road’s emphasis on minimalism and natural beauty has contributed to a broader industry shift towards more understated, natural looks. This trend moves away from the heavily contoured and highly made-up styles that have dominated in recent years.

Increased Demand for Clean Beauty

The brand’s commitment to clean beauty has highlighted the growing consumer demand for products that are free from harmful ingredients. This demand is pushing more brands to adopt clean beauty standards and improve transparency.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Jones Road’s inclusive approach to shade ranges and product versatility has set a standard for other brands. The beauty industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of creating products that cater to diverse skin tones and types.


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Jones Road Beauty has made a significant impact on the beauty industry with its minimalist, clean, and inclusive approach. The brand’s commitment to enhancing natural beauty, transparency in ingredient sourcing, and user-friendly products has resonated with a broad audience. As it continues to grow and innovate, Jones Road Beauty is poised to further influence industry trends



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