I’m throwing a Taylor Swift birthday party for my 6 year-old and  had to make this the party of her wildest dreams. She has a real love story (sorry, had to) with Taylor. When you hear the name Taylor Swift, friendship bracelets might come to mind. Since these bracelets are so popular among her fans, I thought it would be fun to turn one into birthday party decor. So I made a DIY Taylor Swift friendship bracelet banner and while it took a minute to figure out, it was surprisingly easy to make. This is such a fun way to add something special to a Taylor Swift-themed party. Here’s how I made a DIY birthday friendship bracelet banner.


DIY Friendship Bracelet Banner for a Taylor Swift Party


My daughter and I went to The Eras Tour last spring and had the most enchanting evening. It was my first time seeing Taylor and obviously her first time since she was just 5 at the time. And just wow – she was incredible. So it was not at all surprising when Margot told me she wanted a Taylor party because of course she did. It was so fun planning this party for her and her sweet friends. I made bead kits, which are such a fun and useful party favor. I also made DIY custom purple heart sunglasses with sparkles and each of the girls’ names. We went with purple because of Lavender Haze, if that’s not obvious. 

Her little friends are all fellow Swifties, and I wanted to do something special to make this Taylor Swift party extra-enchanting, while doing something fun that features her iconic eras. This couldn’t have been easier – you could even make it last minute. I started it last night and it came together so quickly. I’ll add a shimmery backdrop and balloon arch to the banner that will serve as a photo wall, which will hopefully have photo booth vibes. I bought feather boas who are going to come in their sparkliest threads. They’ll have their sunglasses and a fake microphone for their Taylor Swift dance party. 


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Supplies Needed:

Ball pit balls
Spray paint
3″ foam circles 
3″ wood discs
2.5″ letter stickers
Fishing wire
Giant needle
Hot glue gun
Command hooks


How to Make the Banner

1. Figure out how many wood discs you need, and spray paint each one white. I would recommend putting one on the front and back of the foam circles so they’ll stay upright, and this way, if the letter bead spins, you’ll have a letter on both sides. 

2. Once they’re dry, stick a letter sticker to each wood disc. 

3. Apply hot glue to the foam circles and glue a disc to each side. The sticker on the other side should be upside down so when the bead flips, it’s right side up. You can also string the entire banner and add the back side once its done, which is what I did. I just learned the hard way that you need wood on both sides for the beads to stay upright. 

4. Thread the fishing wire through a large needle, and start stringing your ball pit balls, and then the foam circles. 

5. Hang your wire ends to command hooks. I would recommend using large hooks. 

6. Hang your banner, make the friendship bracelets, turn on The Eras Tour or a Taylor Swift music video, and dance. 





Ideas for Your Banner

This is where you get to have some fun. You can make one of these for any Taylor Swift party from a graduation to a birthday. Consider Taylor’s iconic periods and use titles and phrases from Taylor Swift songs. Or go with the classic “in my birthday era” for your banner. 


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Creating a DIY Taylor Swift friendship bracelet banner is a fun and relatively easy project that adds a special touch to any Taylor Swift-themed party. This banner can serve as a beautiful decoration and a memorable party favor. With a little creativity and planning, you can host an enchanting evening of Swifties enjoying an all-out dance party to their favorite Taylor Swift songs, making wildest dreams come true.


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