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The leaves have returned flowers, flowers are beginning to bloom, and sunny days are here again. Spring always feels like a reset – a time of new beginnings. It’s a wonderful season and for me, the warmer weather feels like great time to get some fresh air after a cold winter. We finally made it to spring, and a spring bucket list is a great way to ensure that you take advantage of the season. There are so many fun activities to do in the spring, and seasonal bucket list are a fun way to bring the family together. It’s the perfect time to enjoy quality time together outside. I’ve put together a list of fun spring activities that the whole family will love. From picnics in the park to planting a family garden, this spring bucket list has something for the whole family. 


30 Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for The Whole Family


I love the spring season, and if you’re looking for fun things to do, a spring bucket list wil help make your weekends fun. There’s something so uplifting about the spring months – everything is fresh and green again, and it’s just so beautiful out. Seasonal bucket lists are fun for the whole family. Put together a list and let each of your kids pick a fun activity each week. Whether you’re looking for something to do over spring break or fun activities to do after school or on weekends with the kids, here’s a spring bucket list of activities everyone will love. 


1. Have a picnic in the park

There are few things more fun than a picnic on a beautiful spring day. We love having picnics in our own backyard or at the park. You can even head to your local public gardens. Put together your own spread, or make it really easy, and pick something up at a local sandwich shop, or even Starbucks, and head to the park. You don’t have to put together a fancy spread to make this fun. We’ve even had pizza picnics outside! 



2. Do some gardening

Grab your gloves, dig in the dirt, and work on your garden or planters. I love planting some fresh flowers in the ground each spring, and like to do some planters for our doors and patio, too. 


3. Spring cleaning!

This might not be fun for everyone, but I’m a virgo and love spring cleaning. Use this opportunity to start fresh inside your home and out, and clear out your closets, junk drawers, and toys no one uses. Look at your winter attire, and purge anything you didn’t wear last season, along with pieces you’re not excited to wear this coming season. 


4. Host a garden party

We hosted a “welcome spring” party for my kindergartener’s class, and it was so much fun. Had it been warmer, I would have loved to host a garden party, but it was a very cold day in early spring, so we made it work.  You can see all the details here. 



5. Make a seasonal recipe

Make a spring salad and cook with seasonal vegetables. Try about a crisp salad with juicy strawberries, crunchy almonds, and tangy feta cheese, or a spring vegetable frittata, and grilled asparagus. 


6. Visit the farmer’s market

This is a great time to support your local farmer’s and visit a farmer’s market. Let your kids get in on the fun, and help choose fresh fruits and vegetables. Explain the importance of shopping small. It’s something we love doing each week in the warmer months. 


7. Go on a spring scavenger hunt

This is a fun one. Make a list of all the things you might see in the spring: flowers, leaves, a bunny, and butterflies, to name a few. Put together a list and have kids check them off as they find things. Another option for arty kids like mine – take them outside to draw the things they find. 


8. Set up your outdoor space

This goes along with spring cleaning, but it’s time to dust off those furniture covers, and freshen up your furniture. Make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your time al fresco the coming months. 


9. Grill and have dinner outside

This might seem like a summer activity, and it is, but add grilling to your spring bucket list. If it’s warm enough to dine outside, that’s where you’ll find us. 


10. Walk through the arboretum

Visiting your local arboretum in the spring is so much fun. Explore winding paths lined with blooming trees and colorful flowers, breathe in the fresh air, and marvel at nature’s beauty. We just joined our local arboretum and are planning on spending more time there in the coming months. 


11. Go flower picking

In the spring, flower picking is a sweet, simple activity that connects us with nature. Wander through fields of colorful blooms, selecting the most beautiful blooms to create bouquets. 


12. Start a butterfly garden

We’ve done this with our kids and they always get so excited about it. You can buy butterfly garden kits to make it easy. These are an affordable and a fun way for kids to connect with nature. 



13. Visit your local zoo

Springtime at the local zoo always makes it to my own bucket list. With the warmer weather, animals are more active and playful. See the new baby animals and take a spin on the carousel. It’s a joyful experience for the whole family. 


14. Set up the water table on a warm day

On a warm spring day, setting up the water table is a surefire way to keep the kids entertained and cool. Fill it with toys like boats, cups, and water wheels, then let their imaginations run wild as they splash and play. It’s a simple but fun outdoor activity that’s great for creativity and sensory exploration. This is also a wonderful activity for toddlers – my 1 year-old loves our water table. 


15. Jump in puddles on a rainy day

Slip on some rain boots, grab an umbrella, and head outdoors for some fun in the water. It’s a simple pleasure that reminds us to embrace the moment and find happiness in the little things.


16. Take a photography walk with a polaroid camera

Capture the essence of spring with a photography walk using a Polaroid camera. Walk through a park, garden, trail, or your own backyard. Preserve memories with a polaroid. I love this one because you can see the photo and decide if you want to print before printing – it’s great for kids who get a little click-happy, said the parent of a little girl who used a roll of film in less than 10 minutes. It’s a creative and nostalgic way to appreciate the wonders of nature.


17. Go out to lunch on a patio 

Do this with or without the kids! I’ve done both this season so far. Meet girlfriends for a drink and lunch, or take the whole family out for a meal outside. It’s a fun way to change up eating out, and a treat for everyone. 


18. Get a bird feeder or go bird watching

My husband got really into birds the last few years. We have a few bird feeders, and actually love this one – it’s so fun with kids. 


19. Have your morning coffee outside

This is a favorite for me. I love sitting outside and listening to the birds with a cup of coffee and on work days, my laptop. Nothing beats an outdoor office in the spring. 


20. Try outdoor yoga

Embrace the serenity of nature while practicing yoga outdoors. Connect with the earth and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you move through poses. 


21. Volunteer or give back

Make a difference in your community by volunteering your time or resources. Whether it’s helping at a local shelter, participating in a beach cleanup or local walk, or donating to a worthy cause, giving back is a fulfilling way to spread kindness and make a positive impact.


22. Go for a bike ride

Explore your surroundings on two wheels and feel the freedom of the open road. Bike rides are not only great exercise but also a fun way to discover new places, enjoy scenic views, and spend quality time with friends and family.


23. Bake a seasonal dessert

Get creative in the kitchen and whip up a delicious dessert using seasonal ingredients. From fruity pies to lemon cakes, there are lots of delicious spring treats to bake this time of year. 


24. Go to a baseball game

Experience the thrill of America’s favorite pastime by attending a baseball game. Cheer on your favorite team, or if you don’t have one, show up for some ballpark snacks. Soak up the lively atmosphere of the stadium. It’s a classic springtime activity that never disappoints.


25. Visit a botanical garden

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at a botanical garden. Explore the gardens and admire colorful blooms and plants, and learn about the importance of conservation. It’s a tranquil escape that’s good for the whole family. 


26. Take a road trip

Hit the open road and embark on an adventure-filled road trip. Whether it’s a day trip to a nearby destination or a longer journey to explore new territories, road trips offer fun and excitement. For your sanity, don’t forget the iPads. 



27. See the cherry blossoms

This is the perfect time of year to see the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Take a leisurely stroll beneath the blossoms or attend a cherry blossom festival for a truly enchanting experience.


28. Plan a family vacation 

Escape the daily grind and create cherished memories with a family vacation. Whether it’s a beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or a cultural adventure, a vacation provides an opportunity to bond, relax, and explore new destinations together. We visited Sea Island (best family trip ever) and my daughter and I are headed to Paris next week!


29. Play soccer in the park

Sign your kids up for spring soccer or gather friends and family for a friendly game of soccer in the park.  It’s a fun way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.


30. Visit a local museum

Spring months are a great time to plan some indoor adventures, too. Visit one of your local museums on a rainy day. Expand your horizons by visiting a local museum. Explore fascinating exhibits, learn about art, history, or science, and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around you. Museums offer knowledge and inspiration for all ages.


31. Read a good book outside

Escape into the pages of a good book while enjoying the beauty of nature. Find a cozy spot outdoors—a park bench, a hammock, or a blanket under a tree—and lose yourself in a captivating story. Reading outside is a peaceful and rejuvenating way to unwind and recharge.


32. Visit a local park

Reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor recreation at a local park. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a picnic with loved ones, or a game of frisbee, parks provide a peaceful oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.


33. Play with sidewalk chalk

Have some fun and add a pop of color to the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Let your imagination run wild as you doodle, draw, and create new art. It’s a playful way to express yourself and brighten up the neighborhood.


34. Fly a kite

Feel the thrill of soaring high above the ground as you fly a kite on a breezy day. Watch as your colorful creation dances in the sky, propelled by the wind. Flying a kite is a timeless activity that brings joy and wonder to people of all ages.


35. Go for a walk or hike in nature

Take a leisurely stroll or hike through scenic trails and natural landscapes. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of birds chirping, and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Walking or hiking in nature is a rejuvenating experience that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.


36. Visit a national park

Explore the wonders of the great outdoors at a national park. From mountains to  forests, these protected areas offer opportunities for adventure and discovery. Hike to breathtaking viewpoints, marvel at cascading waterfalls, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature’s bounty.


37. Feed the ducks

I used to do this when I was a kid. We’d grab a loaf of bread and head to our local pond to feed the ducks. I always remember loving this – it’s a core memory for sure. 


spring bucket list


38. Go berry picking

Berry picking in the spring is a fun way to get the family together, and to connect with nature. It teaches kids about the importance of nature, shopping small, and gardening.  Wander through fields plucking ripe berries straight from the vine or bush. 


39. Paint Rocks

Rock painting or drawing is a creative and therapeutic activity that allows us to unleash our artistic talents while connecting with nature. My girls actually love doing this. Go exploring and find some rocks nearby, and get to work. Whether it’s intricate designs, inspirational quotes, or whimsical characters, each rock becomes a work of art. There’s something so sweet and simple about this one.  


40. Make a garden stepping stone

Craft a personalized garden stepping stone to add charm to your outdoor space. Mix concrete with colorful stones, shells, or mosaic tiles, then pour into a mold. Once set, decorate with handprints, imprints, or painted designs for a whimsical touch that adds character to your garden path.


41. Make or paint a birdhouse

Create a cozy haven for feathered friends by crafting or painting a birdhouse. Customize the design with vibrant colors – have some fun! Hang it in your garden or backyard to invite birds to nest.


42. Play frisbee

Grab a frisbee and head outdoors for a fun-filled game of catch. Whether it’s a casual toss at the park or an intense match with friends, frisbee is a timeless activity that promotes teamwork, coordination, and laughter. My kids love these – they are soft and easy for little kids. 


43. Visit a local farm

Experience farm life firsthand as you interact with animals, pick fresh produce, and learn about sustainable agriculture. From tractor rides to petting zoos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while supporting local farmers and connecting with the source of our food.


44. Make a fairy garden

Here’s a fun craft for your spring bucket list. Create a whimsical miniature world with a fairy garden. Use a shallow container or planter as the base and fill it with soil. Add tiny plants, decorative rocks, and miniature accessories like fairy houses, bridges, and furniture. Let your imagination run wild as you design a magical oasis that invites enchantment and wonder.


45. Do some spring crafts

Get crafty and embrace the spirit of spring with a variety of creative projects. From bunnies to blooming paper flowers, or coloring a spring poster. Plan a fun crafting session that everyone will enjoy. 


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