My oldest baby is turning 6 next month, so naturally, I started to think about gift ideas for her. And I wanted to find the perfect gift that was both not too physically large and not too expensive. I’m so tired of these big gifts that get played with for a few weeks and then just sit there. Six is a great age – they are are full of curiosity and creativity, and equally important, are just so sweet. They are are both fun and curious as well as creative – they love to draw and play. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, a special occasion, or just because, you’re here because you’re looking for a wonderful gift that she’ll love. So I’ve put together a list of the best birthday gifts for 6 year old girls to help you find the perfect present. From plush toys to creative toys, crafts, and games, that any young girl in this age group will love. 


The Best Birthday Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls in 2024


Selecting the perfect gift for a 6-year-old girl can be a little overwhelming. In fact, you might not know where to start. As I have noted, there are the toys that are too big or too expensive, or the ones that won’t last. Then there are the toys I can’t stand, like LOL dolls and anything in that family. I strongly prefer timeless toys that cater to her growing curiosity, creativity, and boundless energy. At this vibrant age, girls are eager to explore the world around them, engage in imaginative play, and develop new skills. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, finding the right gift can spark joy and provide hours of entertainment.

When you’re invited to a party or are getting ready to celebrate your own child’s birthday, it can feel like a lot of pressure. You want to get the birthday girl a fun gift but probably feel a few of the things I’ve mentioned. Because of this, I’ve included a variety of toys for every type of kid. Here’s a list of gifts that won’t break the bank, won’t take up too much space, and ones they’ll actually use in the months and years to come. 


Art Supplies

Art supplies are one of my favorite gifts for 6 year old girls who love to create. My daughter loves to draw and write more than anything. Glitter pens are her favorite, but she loves all things creative. A set of art supplies such as gel pens, markers, and paint will inspire any young artist. If you’re looking for something different, consider a clipboard or sketch pad and offer a dedicated space for her unique creations. Art supplies are more than just tools for drawing and painting. They are gateways to imagination, self-expression, and learning. They offer 6-year-olds a fun and educational way to explore their creativity and can provide hours of fun.



My Melody

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Cupcake Stuffie

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Plush Toys

My children are absolutely obsessed with stuffed animals. Squishmallows are obviously their favorite – they love the marshmallow-like texture which makes them perfect for cuddling. Available in a wide variety of characters and sizes, but the big, huggable versions are their favorites. Whether it’s her favorite Hello Kitty character, a rainbow unicorn with vibrant colors, or a giant cupcake. 


Lola & The Boys

Rainbow Tee

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Cat & Jack

Fanny Pack

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Lola and the Boys

Sequin Dress

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Flik Flak


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Clothes and Accessories

My kids love sequins and ice cream and anything pink or rainbow, so a fun, sparkly outfit or accessory is always a hit with them. I found these charm bracelets that my 4 and 6 year-old girls love so I ordered a bunch of charms and bracelets so we’d have them on-hand since they’re great gifts. Look for a gift that is both useful and fun, like pajamas, a dress, a swimsuit, or depending on the time of year, some new sandals. I ordered new swimsuits for my girls since they both have summer birthdays. 


Classic Board Games and Card Games

A classic game is a timeless for a reason. However, I didn’t realize how much fun I’d have playing board games with my kids. Games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Life, and Monopoly are all great for younger kids and are also fun for adults, too. Life is such a fun game for family game nights. As children play these games with family members or friends, they learn about cooperation, patience, and also, good sportsmanship. They experience the excitement of winning and the importance of handling losses gracefully, which are valuable life lessons. 


Creative Toys

Creative toys are among the best toys for this age group. These toys encourage young children to both express their creativity and also develop fine motor skills. Building sets like LEGO and Magna-Tiles are perfect examples of creative toys that captivate young minds. With LEGO, children can construct anything from simple houses to complex vehicles, fostering spatial awareness and fine motor skills. And Magna-Tiles allow for easy and imaginative 3D building, encouraging kids to experiment with shapes and structures.


American Girl Dolls

American Girl dolls and their accessories are another one of my favorite gifts for 6 year old girls. My girls each have an American Girl doll and don’t use them all the time, but a new accessory or doll is always fun, and might bring new life to their dolls. These dolls are more than just toys; they offer a story and a world for little girls to dive into. My girls have the AG x Jeni’s ice cream truck and love all the little accessories. 


Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls remain a popular choice for 6-year-old girls. With a wide variety of colors and styles, Barbie dolls can be anything a child dreams up. For example, she can be a mermaid, doctor, pilot or a pop star.  A single Barbie can take on countless roles that include a both fashion model and an astronaut. These dolls offer endless opportunities for both pretend play and dress-up. A Barbie Dream house or a Barbie car can add even more fun and engagement.


Make It Real

Bracelet Kit

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Hinkler PTY LTD

Kawaii Drawing Set

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Art and Craft Kits

When it comes to gifts for 6 year old girls, art and craft kits are lots of fun for this age group. Whether it’s making jewelry, painting a ceramic figurine, or assembling a scrapbook, these kits encourage children to use their imagination and think outside the box. Each project allows children to experiment with colors, textures, and patterns, fostering their artistic skills and personal style. My daughter lives for Taylor Swift and loves friendship bracelets, so we’ve been making lots of those. Kits that include everything needed to make jewelry, decorate a picture frame, or create a mosaic are always fun. 



Books are always a great gift, especially for children entering first grade. At this stage, many 6-year-olds are beginning to read on their own and also may enjoy being read to. Books with vibrant illustrations and engaging stories can foster a love of reading. These books are timeless favorites that will surely become beloved parts of any young girl’s collection.


Pretend Play

Pretend play is obviously essential for a child’s development. Toys that encourage pretend play like small figurines, food toys, and dress-up costumes are without a doubt some of the best gifts for 6-year-olds. These toys allow children to explore both different roles and scenarios, which also promotes creativity and social skills. Dress-up costumes are another wonderful aspect of pretend play. Whether it’s a superhero outfit, a princess dress, or a firefighter uniform, dress-up clothes let children transform into their favorite characters, boosting their confidence and self-expression. Through these costumes, kids can both explore different personas and imagine themselves in a variety of exciting scenarios.


Pottery Barn Kids


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Coconut Outdoor

Sidewalk Paint

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Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys are perfect for encouraging both active play and physical development. A sturdy bike, a colorful jump rope, or a hula hoop can provide endless fun and exercise. For summer fun, consider a kiddie pool or a set of water balloons. 


Lovely Little Things


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Monogrammed and Personalized Gifts

Customized clothing and accessories make an otherwise ordinary gift seem really special. Monogrammed t-shirts, bracelets, and backpacks add a personal touch to otherwise everyday items. Personalized items are not only practical but also help children feel special and unique.



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys are becoming increasingly popular. I love any educational toys that in spite of being educational, are fun, too. Science kits also allow young children to mix make magical ingredients for potions and even ice cream. 


Calico Critters

Ice Cream Truck

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Calico Critters

Tea Set

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Dolls and Doll Sets

Dolls and dollhouses are both classic and timeless gifts that never go out of style. Moreover, a beautiful dollhouse with furniture and accessories can provide hours of imaginative play. Because when paired with a set of dolls, a 6-year-old girl can create her own little world with any play set. These toys promote both creativity and storytelling skills, and are wonderful gifts. My daughter loves Calico Critters and Maileg – both are so simple and beautiful, and great for hours of imaginative play. 



Puzzles are a great way for kids to develop both problem-solving skills and patience. In addition to problem solving, they’re great for quiet playtime and can be done solo or with family.  


Ride-On Toys

Whether it’s a scooter or a balance bike, ride-on toys provide both fun and exercise for kids, and make great gifts for 6 year old girls. Equally important, they help develop coordination and balance, and they are perfect for outdoor play. 


Dress-Up Dolls

Both my girls, ages 4 and 6, love dress-up dolls. These toys allow children to mix and match outfits and accessories which keeps them surprisingly busy. Children can create elaborate stories and scenarios for their dolls in addition to enjoying dressing them up. Whether the doll is going to a royal ball, embarking on an adventurous journey, or simply enjoying a day out, children can explore countless roles and situations. They are also great for developing fine motor skills and can be easily taken on the go.

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