My oldest daughter is turning six, and like most little girls, she’s a little Swiftie. She is obsessed with Taylor Swift in a big way, singing her songs wherever she goes. So to no one’s surprise, her one request was a Taylor Swift birthday party for her 6th birthday era. So I’m throwing a party complete with a crafting station, sparkly heart sunglasses, and of course, a viewing of The Eras Tour complete with custom popcorn bags. I’m going to share the ultimate guide to throwing a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party. From paper goods and party decor to party favors and friendship bracelets, here are the best Taylor Swift party ideas to make your wildest dreams come true. 


How to Throw an Eras Tour Taylor Swift Birthday Party


Throwing a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party for a little girl can be a magical and exhausting experience. Half the work (so far) was finding everything, but I’ve done that for you, hopefully making the process a little easier.  Fellow Swifties will get me here, but this is a theme I can get on board with. It all started when my daughter got really into Taylor. At first, I enjoyed listening with her.

She loves her so much, she said that if she could go anywhere in the world, it would be to see The Eras Tour. So we went, and it was beyond our wildest dreams. The concert was incredible, so much that I’m going to London to see it one more time this August. I’m actually really excited about this Taylor Swift theme and am having some fun with it. We’re inviting 8 girls to our house and I’m doing everything myself, so it will be a little bit of work, but a lot of fun. 

It’s important to remember that a birthday party can be as over the top or casual as you want it to be. You don’t have to do everything I’m doing – a few touches is really fun, too. I’m making more work by making the favors and balloon garlands, but I’ll save hundreds of dollars doing it myself. And balloon garlands are surprisingly easy to make. I really do think the balloons and bracelet banner would be enough, but I wanted to add a little more sparkle. 


Taylor Swift Birthday Party Invitations

Start with custom-made invitations that feature Taylor Swift and fun things from her albums. You can find some very easy-to-edit customizable templates on Etsy. Do people print invites anymore? I suppose you could, but I edited the file, uploaded to Paperless Post, and sent it to everyone. It was so easy and required very little time. I did take it one step further and purchased an Eras font, but it was cheap, and if you’re going to edit the invite, you should probably just add in the Eras Tour font, right?

It could also be really fun to recreate the cover of 1989 for an invitation or to edit the Eras Tour grid template with your child’s photos. And yes, I did that too.

Don’t forget to incorporate famous Taylor Swift lyrics into the invitation text. For example, “Are you ready for it? Let’s make the whole room shimmer.” And you can’t forget to call it the birthday girl or boy’s era, or say it’s their version. 

Taylor Swift Birthday Party Decorations

Choose a color scheme for the perfect Taylor Swift Eras Tour party. by choosing your favorite Era or song. We’re going with purples, pinks, sparkles, and are bringing in elements from my daughter’s favorite Taylor Swift era, while bringing in every era. Tailor the party to the birthday girl’s favorite Taylor Swift era or songs. This can make the event feel even more special and personalized. You could go all out and get a cardboard cutout of Taylor. I debated this but didn’t want to spend the money, and know my daughter would have wanted to keep it in her room forever. 

Balloons and Decor. 

Use a mix of balloons in your chosen color scheme. Letter balloons spelling out the birthday girl’s name and “Taylor Swift” can add a special touch. I purchased some fun shimmery backdrops, too. 

Posters and Signs: 

Decorate the walls with posters of Taylor Swift, her album covers, or banners with lyrics from her songs. I am going to make a custom friendship bracelet banner that says “In My Birthday Era” if I can figure out how to use my cricut. I’m using ball pit balls and making large custom letter beads. 

Table Settings:

Use a tablecloth or table runner, plates, and cups in coordinating colors. Each place setting will be sparkly with a touch of Lavender Haze. 


Fun-Filled Activities

Create a playlist of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits to play throughout the party. Include a mix of her upbeat tracks and ballads to cater to different moments of the party. You could also have The Eras Tour playing in the background, or even plan an Eras Tour viewing party. Consider the age group. Adjust the activities and complexity based on the age group of the party guests. Younger children might enjoy simpler crafts and games, while older kids might appreciate more detailed trivia and karaoke.

Craft station: 

Set up a craft station where little Swifties can create their own Taylor Swift-inspired accessories. This could include making friendship bracelets, decorating guitars, or designing their own album covers. I’ll have markers and stickers for guitar making and friendship bracelet making, too. I am using the exact beads we used to make our bracelets for The Eras Tour. 


I have some sparkles, heart-shaped sunglasses, boas, and microphones for party guests to use while singing and dancing to their favorite songs. I purchased some Taylor Swift tattoos, too. My daughter has been all over the place. It was always Look What You Made Me Do, but she’s been saying her favorite is Blank Space lately so who knows? She’s on a real But Daddy I Love Him kick, too. 


I am planning on having a polaroid camera out to get photos of each of the party guests, both for my daughter, and for her friends to take home. There will be lots of photo ops. The sparkly backdrop serves as a fun photo wall, and feather boas and sunglasses will make things extra fun. 

Karaoke Station:

Set up a karaoke station with a selection of Taylor Swift songs. This will be a hit with the kids, allowing them to sing along to their favorite tunes. Designate a dance floor area where the kids can dance to Taylor Swift’s songs. 


Food and Drinks

Since my daughter is turning 6, we’ll have quite a few moms at our house. I’m planning on seeing up a charcuterie board for the adults (and kids if they’re interested). And for the kids, I’ll have Margot’s favorite snacks and treats, and we’ll finish the night with pizza and cupcakes.


We’re sticking with snacks you’d have at a concert, so popcorn, candy, and chips. And we’ll order pizza since that’s easy. 


Create a signature drink for the party, like a “Shake It Off” punch or “Love Story” lemonade. Use fun straws and disco ball cups to add to the experience.

Themed Cake:

The centerpiece of the party should be a Taylor Swift-themed cake. Consider a design that reflects her latest album cover or favorite items that represent Taylor. It would be really simple to just do something that reflects the colors of the Lover era, or get a simple cake and a cake topper on Etsy. 


Offer cupcakes decorated with edible images of Taylor Swift or her album covers. We are doing one for each album cover (my daughter’s request). 


Serve sugar cookies shaped like guitars, microphones, or hearts, or set up a cookie decoration station. 


Party Favors

This is where I went a little wild, but I’m doing it all myself, and this part is really fun. I actually really hate party favors, so I’m planning on useful items that kids will hopefully not throw away the next day. I’m going with bracelet making kits, sunglasses, stickers, tattoos, sparkly gel pens, and a notebook. I’ll share some other ideas, too. 

Bracelet Making Kits:

Friendship bracelets are a staple at The Eras Tour. My daughter had bracelets up to her elbows when we attended, so we have to include these. I’m actually making kits for the kids to make their own bracelets, but am making the boxes cute and fun, so they can take them home and use them to store their own bracelets. 


I have seen the cutest custom Taylor Swift inspired glasses on Etsy, but I can’t spend $30 on each party guest. So, I’m making them! I bought a set of heart-shaped glasses, and will use letter beads to put each of the girls’ names on their sunglasses, and of course, sparkles and gems. 

Custom T-Shirts:

You could add a Taylor Swift design or a lyric from one of her songs using a Cricut. I’m determined to learn how to do this. But, assuming you know how, I think it would be pretty easy. This can also double as an activity if you set up a t-shirt decorating station.

Mini Albums:

Give each guest a mini version of one of Taylor Swift’s albums. These can be found as keychains or small notebooks.

Autographed Photos:

Print out photos of Taylor Swift and sign them with a special message from the birthday girl. These can be a fun and personal touch for each guest to take home.

Goodie Bags:

Fill goodie bags with Taylor Swift-themed items like stickers, temporary tattoos, gel pens, and a little notebook. I try to choose items that kids will actually keep and use. Gel pens are always a favorite since my girls and their friends seem to love them. 



My daughter wore this ombre sequin dress to The Eras Tour, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect outfit. Pair it with some sneakers and an armful of friendship bracelets, and you’ll be all set for your Taylor Swift birthday party.

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Ensure all activities are safe and suitable for the children’s ages. Have adult supervision at all times, especially for activities like cookie decorating and craft stations.


With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create an event that celebrates the birthday girl’s love for Taylor Swift in a fun and engaging way. From themed invitations to party favors, every element can reflect the magic of The Eras Tour. 


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