And just like that, January is coming to an end and a new month is about to begin. With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away, I thought I’d share some Valentine’s tech backgrounds (and a few that feel light but not too Valentine-y) if that’s not your thing. You can see more tech backgrounds here. And if you have kids, check out my free Valentine’s Day printables


Free February 2023 Valentine’s Tech Backgrounds

There are 48 days until spring and about 80(ish) days until I’ll have a baby in my arms. It is (literally) ONE degree outside, so I’ve been at my desk most of the day minus a quick break to move things around in Margot’s room. I am determined to figure that room out and have some rug swatches coming. I’ll share an update in my IG stories.

Love pop tech background

Heart pops (iPhone)

Get this Valentine desktop background here

Oh la la

Oh la la (iPhone)


Bubble gum pop desktop background

Valentine’s roses


Valentine’s Roses (iPhone)

Love is all you need

something sweet

Valentine’s Day (iPhone)

Hearts (desktop)

iPhone hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day

Dreaming of spring (peonies)

Peonies (iPhone)

Get this tech background here

iPhone hearts

Candy hearts (desktop)

Candy hearts (iPhone)

 Valentine Macarons     

Get these love tiles here 

iPhone Love Tiles