Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether I was single or dating, it was never my favorite holiday. It’s still not. But now that I’m a mom, it’s a fun reason to do something special for my kids. So i’m back with a gift guide for kids for Valentine’s Day. As a mom to younger kids, I’m focusing on ages 6 and under, but included some things for babies and a few gifts that older kids might like, too. My girls both love hearts, and I love my girls. February 14th the perfect time to give your kids a thoughtful gift, some Valentine’s day greats, and heart shaped pizza. It’s not about grand gestures – but is a day to do something sweet for the whole family. And we could all use an extra reason to celebrate love, right? Here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids and babies.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids and Babies


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Valentine’s gifts do not have to be big or elaborate. This is the perfect time to gift craft kits. I like to make a special breakfast of heart shaped waffles with our waffle maker, give the kids a note with a meaningful message, and some sweet treats is a great way to show kids of all ages how much you love them. It can be a simple gift – fidget toys or a heart water bottle. Or skip the gifts and just make heart shaped pancakes or waffles and have some quality time together. I’ve even used our Easter baskets to make Valentine’s Day gift baskets for the kids but this year, think it might be fun to just lay out a few activities. It’s also really cold here in Chicago, and there’s not a whole lot going on, so it’s something fun to celebrate. 


An Extra Special Valentine’s Day Tradition

Years ago, I cut out 14 hearts and each night in February up until valentine’s day, wrote out phrases and words of affirmation for Margot. I may have skipped this last year, but both girls are old enough to participate, so I’d like to do it again this year. And I can’t wait to make Valentine’s for Margot’s class. This will be my first time, and it’s one of those mom-moments I’ve been waiting for. I add one of these felt garlands to their play room and order a few gifts, including Valentine’s Pajamas. So here are some simple, perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for those of you with a love language of giving. 


Here are the best Valentine’s gifts for kids



Minnie Mouse Notebook

This blank notebook is a perfect journal or space for doodling, or even stickers. You can customize the text, so I had it made as a sticker book for my girls.
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Etch a Sketch

Pocket Etch a Sketch

A great gift that encourages creativity, and I love this one on the go.
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Stackable Heart Markers

This is truly the perfect Valentine's Day gift and is something simple that your kids will get a lot of use out of. These are perfect for small hands, and coloring is something I love doing with my kids.
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Heart Slippers

The perfect gift for cold winter months.
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Drifter Nigel

I got this for our little guy for Christmas and have it displayed on his shelf. It will be fun to play with when he's older, but think it's such cute decor for his room.
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Hello Kitty

My kids are obsessed with their squishmallows and the red heart glasses are so cute. I have to hold back since they each have a giant Hello Kitty squishmallow but think this would be a perfect gift.
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Rey to Z

Baseball Hat

Looking for a cute Valentine's Day gift that they'll use again and again? My kids love their Rey to Z hats – they have 2 of them and wore them nonstop last summer.
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Bella Bliss

Heart Bib

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Tiny Expressions Store

Valentines Coloring Poster

I like a coloring book, but I love a coloring poster. I love this etsy seller and usually buy seasonal posters for my kids. A tip if you're low on space or want to make them last longer - the posters are huge, so you could cut them into two pieces. I usually do one big poster but did cut them when my kids were younger, and then tape the edges to the ground.
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Dashka Slater

Love, Escargot

This is such an adorable book – we love Escargot!
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Valentine's Dough

I think dough is one of the best gifts for little kids. My girls love using sensory pieces from Fun Aunt Jess, and I'll search etsy for fun cabochons, too.
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You Are Loved Bath Bomb

My kids love bath bombs, but these are great for older kids too. I like that it's not really more stuff, but is a special little something that they can enjoy.
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Olli Ella

Heart Bag

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Tender Leaf Toys

Wood Fire Truck

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Mila's Sunny World

Heart Sunglasses

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Melissa and Doug

Heart Magnet Kit

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Ballerina Mouse

We love our Maileg mice – this is such a sweet gift for little kids.
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Flower Lane


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Pottery Barn Kids

Hello Kitty Pillow

This throw pillow is a fun way to make your kid's room festive during these cold, winter months.
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Valentine's Day Pajamas

The cutest Valentine's Day pajamas to shop in 2023.
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