Now that we’re a few months into solids, I wanted to share what Margot been eating along with some of our favorite tools to make feeding easier. Food has been a challenge for us. She’s ready and will eat, but almost everything that isn’t in a packet (or oatmeal) gets smashed and tossed on the floor unless she’s hand-fed. Baby feeding is a hot topic among moms. How will you feed baby? Purees? Baby lead weaning? What snacks will baby eat? How does it all work? 


Baby Feeding: Favorite Feeding Tools


Baby feeding tools

We use these containers for everything, and have since discovered this brand for all our plates, bowls, and utensils. 

Formula and allergens

Margot is on Hipp Comfort formula and started purees when she was 5 months old, and non-pureed solids at around 7 months. I was so nervous about choking but she’s been great, although I’m pretty sure she has a sensitive stomach, so we’re actually seeing the doctor this week to discuss what’s been going on. I would recommend keeping things as simple as possible to start and do your research when it comes to introducing allergens. Pay attention to how your baby acts after trying new foods because some might not work well for them.

My baby doesn’t love food

I’m not sure how helpful this post will be since she’s not a big eater, but I’ve gotten so many questions about what she’s eating, so I’ll do my best. Margot has 4 bottles a day and we aim for 7 OZ per bottle, but she usually has a little less. She never wants a bottle first thing in the morning which used to really stress me out and worry me, but now that she’s eating, we can usually get her to have some oatmeal, which we mix with a little formula and baby food – usually a fruit mix. We’ve also had decent luck with yogurt! I buy Siggi’s – there are 2 flavors I’ve found that have zero added sugar, or I’ll give her the plain full fat and blend in some fruit that I chop in the food processor. She does really enjoy that!

I didn’t make baby food

I thought I’d be the mom that made most meals from scratch, but my baby is not a big eater. It’s feels easier and less discouraging to make things easy most of the time. I relied on this book when we started solids and made a few recipes from this book. Happiest Baby and Plum Organics baby food is healthy, and while I mostly stick to jars, she loves pouches and they’re great on the go. I try to give her the ones with oatmeal and quinoa since they have more calories.

When handed food, Margot usually smashes it in her hands and throws it on the floor for the dogs. She does a better job of eating when I feed her small bites, but I do hand it to her anyway so she can make a mess, experience textures, and even if she feeds herself a little bit it’s a win.

Baby Feeding: What my baby eats at 8 months

Happy Baby pouches and jars
Plum Organics pouches
Earth’s Best oatmeal
Siggi’s full-fat yogurt (plain or the 2 flavors that have zero added sugar)
Happy Baby puffs (zero sugar)
Happy Baby creamies (zero sugar)
Steamed veggies, like zucchini and sweet potato
Soft fruit like bananas and avocado
Scrambled eggs
Birch Benders paleo pancake mix
Dr. Praegers veggie bites

We’ve been eating a lot of salads so there’s not much eating what we eat. I ordered her a pancake at brunch last weekend and gave her some of my eggs and avocado, but again, she isn’t that big of an eater. Right now, we have the best luck with oatmeal and pouches.



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