From clothes to toys (and even decor) I love shopping small for my girls. The quality and style can’t be beat, and as always, there’s something so special about supporting other women (often moms) who are following their dreams. As a mom to two girls, it feels especially important to do what I can to support other women and lift them up. And I want to teach my girls to do the same. Here are 22 women-owned baby and child brands to shop this year.


22 Women-Owned Baby and Child Brands to Shop This Year



Wunderkin Co

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Cygnet Living

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Little Sleepies

Our favorite pajamas
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Rosie Bee

Food grade silicone stackers
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Flower Lane

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If we could only own one toy brand for the first year, this would be it.
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Shop 6 Heart

Soft turbans and headbands for little ones
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Toki Mats

The softest, foldable baby play mat
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Rey to Z

custom hats for kids and adults
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Starfish Kids

A new kids clothing line that launched this month
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Wander and Roam

Our favorite padded (waterproof) playmat
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Hazel Village

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Tubby Todd

My girls have sensitive skin and we've always used this brand
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Jefferson Lane

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Little Blue Corner

Etsy shop selling bows and headbands
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Harper Iman Dolls

These are completely sold out but follow the brand to get on a wait list
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