women-owned home and lifestyle brands

When shopping for home decor, it can be easy to go back to the same big stores, but there’s something so special about shopping small. First, you’ll find something original. And second, the best part about shopping a small, women-owned brand, is that you’ll support women who are doing their thing. Here are 10 women-owned home and lifestyle brands to shop this year.


10 Women-Owned Home and Lifestyle Brands to Shop This Year


Shopping women-owned brands is a powerful way to support gender equality and economic empowerment. When consumers choose to buy from these businesses, they help foster a more diverse marketplace, encourage entrepreneurship among women, and promote job creation in local communities. Women-owned brands often bring unique perspectives and innovative products to the market, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Additionally, supporting these businesses can contribute to closing the gender gap in business ownership and leadership, which remains a significant issue globally. Many women entrepreneurs also reinvest in their communities, driving positive social change. Shopping from women-owned brands is not only a step towards economic inclusivity but also a celebration of creativity, resilience, and diversity in the business world. 


I should mention that I would have included my store, Anecdote, but there are 2 male founders, and these brands are all 100% women-owned. 


Linda's Barn

My favorite source for vintage rugs. We have one in our dining room and another in our bedroom.
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Vana Chupp Studio

Vana makes the most beautiful silhouette art, jewelry, and Christmas ornaments, too
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Sara Fitz Studio

I love Sara's art and she's donating a portion of her children's collection to childhood cancer research
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Shop Home Maven

This shop makes the most fun (and chic) doormats.
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The softest fleece throws
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Our Place

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Estelle Colored Glasses

Black-owned speciality made colored glass
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The very best pillow inserts
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Covet and Ginger

a beautiful ceramics shop
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Salt and Sundry

Home goods
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