With August just a few days away, I can’t shake the feeling that summer is coming to an end. But it’s not – we still have plenty of time, and I am still very much in summer mode. Let’s talk about summer style: what’s on my list. Thinking of crisp fall days doesn’t sound terrible, but I think summer just might be my favorite season. We have another sixty days of summer (sounds amazing, doesn’t it?), and the beginning of fall is usually quite lovely. But summer! Here’s my summer style: what’s on my list. I love these warm days and summer nights. See more in my shop.

Summer Style: What’s on my List


Dressing for warm months doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. It’s the opposite – I love wearing dresses, or a cute top with denim shorts. And sandals – I have a thing for sandals. I want to make the most of these warm summer days while they’re here, and have been thinking about pieces that feel like summer. Wearing pieces that transition from patios to dinner – breezy, summer tops and dresses that you can wear to everything. Of dresses that I can transition into fall with a denim jacket and sneakers or flats. These days, I’m living in dresses and shorts and carrying around a woven bag.


Summer Style: what's on my list

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Summer Style: What’s on my List