When it comes to newborn babies, it’s shocking how much you forget about the early days (and really, baby’s first year). The first month is such a blur. If you’re preparing for baby’s arrival, you might be feeling a little lost. It’s always a good idea to talk to other parents and see what works for them. Things change when you become a parent again – lifestyle, activities, and everyone’s needs. Your needs also change based on the number of children you have. You’re a lot more on-the-go with your third and rely on things being easy. These are the new baby essentials I’ve relied on the first two months as a mom of 3. This post is for all new parents, whether you’re planning a baby shower and need to know what baby items to consider, or are having a third and want to know how things change. 


New Baby Essentials: What I Relied on For My Third Baby


You can read a dozen newborn baby essentials lists and everyone will have a different take. I am formula feeding, so you won’t find a breast pump on this list. But i’ll share my favorite monitor, disposable diapers, infant car seat, and other baby products with you. Jack loves a contact nap, and since he’s my third (and definitely last) baby, I love keeping him close. Carriers are also so easy when you’re out and about. And we’re out a lot more than we were with our first or second. Being able to be hands-free is a must. We love the Solly at home, but I prefer something with snaps that’s easy to take on and off when we’re out. He spends a good amount of time in his play gym at home, just like his big sisters did. We use the Bjorn baby bouncer every day, too. 

Why I Chose to Formula Feed My Third Baby

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So here it is…my baby essentials list. 

Things I’ve learned as a third time mom

Less is more when it comes to baby clothes. Take a minimalist approach with this one. Jack wore the same outfits on repeat the first weeks (and months). 

An essential baby item for one baby might not be an essential item for another.

You don’t need a diaper bag. 

You don’t have to have a moses basket.

Baby’s nursery doesn’t need to be done the first few months. 

One piece outfits are only easier when they don’t have any snaps. Zippers are life. 

There is not a science to baby sleep. My babies never fell asleep on their own for naps, and that’s ok. 

And the most important thing: You do not have to enjoy every moment. You can not like certain parts of this stage at all. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby or that you’re not a great mom. 


The New Baby Essentials I’m Using For the First Time


Infant Car Seat and Stroller

I have a few things to say about the Doona, so a review is in order. It's great when you have two other kids and want less stuff, so that's a plus. There's no clicking a car seat into a stroller, no adapters, etc.  So I do like it and recommend it, but having a car seat was fine, too. It's just one less thing to deal with, and with 3, that's really nice. I can see how it would be very essential for travel, and it's nice to have, but you will be fine without it.
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Baby Carrier

This carrier came highly recommended and is quite expensive, so I ordered it to see what the fuss was about. And just wow – we use it pretty much every day. It's beautiful, comfortable, and we both love it.
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I skipped the SNOO this time and the Bjorn cradle is really great. I love that I can rock it, that he's not relying on constant movement, the design is really nice, and it's affordable.
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Bassinet Sheet

My kids all spit up a decent amount, so we have a handful of crib sheets for both our bassinet and changing pad cover.
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Muslin Burp Cloths

My kids spit up a lot, and these are really soft, have good coverage, and wash well.
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Stroller Cup Holder

This stroller cup hooks on to any stroller, and the angle is easily adjustable to keep your water bottle or drink upright. I really like it.
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Reusable Bottle Sterilizer Bags

I did not have great experiences with those large steamers, and they're big and bulky. While I don't love that these are disposable, you get a lot of use out of each one and at the end of the day, it's less trash than a giant steamer/sterilizer that no longer works.
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Space Saving Drying Rack

This thing is awesome. No more bottles piled all over the counter, and no large, wide drying rack. The boon one was very large and got so gross. This takes up so little space and is easy to wipe down too.
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Dr. Browns

Anti Colic Bottles

Sure, these have more parts, but they work well and are the number one bottle for a reason. We're really happy with them.
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The New Baby Essentials I’m Using Again

A few notes on the following items since they’re the ones I’ve used with all three of my kids. I swear by our baby monitor – it is the best. So much, that I wrote a blog post about it. The nanit gave me so much peace of mind since everyone had access to our baby. I kept this pod on the play gym when the girls were around, but always (always!) watch baby when they’re in any sort of container. And only place baby on a flat, firm surface to sleep. 

I recommend a tub where baby is in water vs having water run over them (like a sink tub). My babies all got really cold, and while the Fisher Price tub we used isn’t especially beautiful, it is super-functional and does the trick. 

My Review of the Nanit Monitor

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Baby Wrap Carrier

I love the Solly so much, but really only use it at home for contact naps. It takes a moment to get the hang of putting it on, but once you do, this thing is magic. It's weightless, not bulky, and my babies all loved it. But when you need quick and easy, it's nice to have something with buckles.
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Baby Bjorn

New Bouncer Cover

The Bjorn bouncer has been a must have for all 3 of my babies. It's gear that got a lot of use, for the longest amount of time. The cover is easy to wash, and it folds flat for easy storage, or to take with you when you're out. Jack is always so happy in it, and has started to spin the toy bar.
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Parker Baby Co

Diaper Caddy

Another must-have, we kept this in the kitchen and at night, in our bedroom, with all the essentials we needed for quick outfit and diaper changes.
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My babies all liked these, and they're pretty cute.
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Blue Snail

Waterproof Changing Pad

Another must-have for us, I keep one on our changing pad for quick and easy accident clean-ups, and another in the caddy for diaper changes.
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Velcro Swaddle

Everyone needs the Ollie. We have 2 and it will give you the tightest, most secure swaddle. Jack is really strong and can break out of a swaddle easily, but not the Ollie.
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White Noise Machine

This is one of the best products I've ever purchased. The white noise is pretty powerful and really masks out everything around you.
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Play Gym

This is another one of those products that got a ton of use for our family. My babies loved it, and I love that it's actually cute. Te new one has some great additions that Lovevery sent our way. And I should mention that it includes a tent cover for older babies and younger toddlers, which further extends its life.
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Nanit Monitor

I cannot say enough good things about the Nanit. I keep it pulled up on an iPad in our kitchen, and my husband, nanny, and even grandma all have access. It's so nice to be able to check on baby when you're home or on-the-go. And you can keep the monitor sound on on your phone without having the app open!
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Fisher Price

Baby Bath

The sling is key, and this tub has a hook to hang it on your shower curtain bar or the back of a door.
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Nail Clippers

Tiny babies have the softest, tiniest nails, and these clippers are the only ones I'll use.
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Toki Mats

Padded Foldable Play Mat

Our Toki Mat has been one of our most used items over they years. My girls who are 3 and 5 still use it, and it's the perfect place for a baby to play. I loved having it when my girls were learning to sit up since it's so padded. The cover is easy to wash, and it folds up for easy storage, too.
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