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The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

On warm, beautiful, summer days, we spend as much time outside as possible. Last summer, we were fully isolated at home so I made a few pandemic purchases to keep things fun and interesting for my preschooler. I found some great outdoor toys and new to the mix this year: a pool with slide, outdoor mud kitchen (Margot wouldn’t stop playing with it at my friend’s house), and stomp rockets – all good for hours of fun. Margot and her friend played in the rainbow pool (without water!) for well over an hour! 

This post was originally published in 2021.

The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

If you’re looking for new outdoor toys, here are my top picks for kids. Many of these toys make great indoor toys but are ideal for backyard fun, pretend play, and will keep your kids busy on summer toys. 


Play Mats and Picnic Blankets

Waterproof Mat

We have 2 Gathre midi mats and they’re great, but too small for the whole family. Break it out on a sunny day and use it for sensory play, crafts, or a family picnic. 


Ride-On Toys

Convertible Scooter

A great beginner scooter that comes with an easy to remove seat – recommended by our PT. It’s great for kids of all ages and grows with your child. 

Ride On Car

The 2 seater ride-on car comes with a remote control that overrides the car. We love it.

Water and Sand Toys

Kiddie Pools

Pools are a classic and are ideal for young kids and hours of outdoor fun. If you have a small slide for kids, consider adding it to your pool and turning it into a water slide. 

Flexible Rubber Road

This is one of my favorite toddler toys – both my girls love creating roads. And it’s great for both indoors and outdoors. 

Mud Kitchen

This is ideal for sensory play or as an outdoor play kitchen. It’s 

Bubble Blower

We leave our bubble blower on while the girls play. It doesn’t make giant bubbles but it blows a ton of (smaller) bubbles. The girls love it and it adds a little ambiance. 

Sensory Stones

The sensory stones are a bit of a splurge but Margot is obsessed with them. She loves playing restaurant, and they’re great for a sensory bin or water tables. 

Outdoor Toys

Stepping Stones

These are great for indoors or outdoor use and make the perfect obstacle course.

Stomp Rocket

This has been a huge hit with neighborhood kids, and while we have the smaller toddler stomp rocket, it’s not too small for big kids. 

Animal Figurines

The animal figurines are not technically “outdoor toys” but they’re great outside. I throw them on a gathre mat or in a water table.

Tents and Play Houses

2 Mama Bees


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Pottery Barn Kids


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Outdoor Playhouse

This isn’t our exact playhouse but it’s the one I wanted (was sold out at the time) and is much cuter with a wood (vs. plastic) roof, so it’s nicer, too. Outdoor playhouses are so fun – you could definitely DIY a more budget-friendly house like this one. But if you’re looking for something that’s done and beautiful, I love this one.


This tent is a great way to keep your little ones safe by the pool or at the beach, but it’s a fun play tent, too. 


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