Easter baskets are more than just decorative containers filled with goodies. They are a fun tradition our kids will always remember. My girls will be 4 and 6 in a few months, and they are so excited for their Easter baskets. These baskets brim with excitement, embodying the spirit of Easter morning when children wake up to discover the treasures left by the Easter Bunny, also known as mom. I fill my kids’ baskets with darling toys and treats in pastel hues, and whimsical designs. Traditionally woven from wicker or crafted from fabric, these baskets are always so fun – for them and for me, too. I try to keep things simple enough but love a moment where I get to surprise my kids and make them feel special. Here’s what’s going in my kids’ Easter baskets this year. 


Easter Gifts: What’s Going in My Kids’ Easter Baskets


I love giving gifts and really like when I “get” my recipient. It’s so fun when you give a gift that someone loves and small gifts are always extra-fun – I love giving little gifts that make people happy. From chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks to small toys and games, each item is carefully selected to spark delight and wonder. 

Beyond the sweets, Easter baskets often contain small gifts and trinkets, ranging from puzzles and stickers to books and coloring supplies. I do like to put in a few fun, practical things, like pajamas, swimsuits, and other things that they’ll use going into warmer months. These thoughtful additions encourage creativity, exploration, and play, fostering moments of joy and connection with family and friends.


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