It feels like we’re just coming off the holidays and getting back into a groove because we are. And then it hits us. Valentine’s Day. I don’t make a production of this day, but I have 2 heart-loving little girls and it’s fun to do something extra special. My kids’ schools don’t allow candy for Valentine’s Day, but we can do a card exchange, and most kids include a small toy. This is good news for me because I don’t mind getting them a sweet treat, but they do not need a bag of candy. If you’re looking for ideas for classroom valentines cards that aren’t candy, I’ve put together a fun list of ideas for your sweet valentine and their friends. 


Classroom Valentines for Kids that Aren’t Candy


Last year, I created some free Valentine’s Day cards that you an print in any card size. You just need white paper, a printer, and scissors or a paper cutter to create the perfect card for your child’s classroom. 


FREE Valentine's Day Printables

The cutest printables (and some fun candy-free ideas) for your kid's class.
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Last year was my first year putting together Valentine’s for my daughter’s preschool class. This year, I have two classes to make Valentine’s for, and I wanted to make it fun and special. There are some great options that would leave cards out altogether. The slime, bead kits, and a few others come with a tag, so it makes the process easy. I like to complicate things for myself, so I’ve decided to do goodie bags for each of my kids. Both have relatively small classes, and throwing a few small toys in a bag is easy.



Heart Shaped Pop Fidgets

These are a great option for little kids, and they're something my girls would keep as a keychain on their backpack.
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Wonderful Child Kits

Dough Jar

These are the perfect Valentines - they're cute and something that all little kids would love. We bought this dough for party favors for my kids' party last year and love the quality. And to add a personal touch, just add a custom sticker to the top. It's so easy to create a custom design in Canva.
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Pop Bracelets

My 5 year old is very into Taylor Swift right now, and really loves these friendship bracelets. I like that they're something that kids would actually keep and use.
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I don't love squishies but my kids do, and this seems like the easiest way for kids to get just 1 or 2 vs buying a box of them.
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Taylor Swift Bracelets

My 5 year-old loves Taylor Swift and would be so excited to give these bracelets to her classroom friends. I like that these are something kids would actually keep and use.
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Art 2 The Extreme

Heart Crayons

Another fun way to give a Valentine without waste – just tape a heart crayon to a valentine.
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I am planning on doing bubble Valentines for my daughter's preschool class. These are really cute and easy for kids to use.
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Play Doh

Simple play-doh Valentines are always fun, but to make them extra-special, buy a pack of slime charms and stick 2-3 in each jar.
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Slime Charms

These are such a fun way to dress up play-doh. My kids have a box of them and when paired with dough, will stay busy for a very, very long time.
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