Toys That Are Safe for Younger Siblings

At around 2.5, Margot got very into “tiny toys” – mainly her mouse house accessories and sensory clay kits. She is allowed to play with them while Kate naps and we always keep a close eye on her because you just never know. Right before Kate started crawling, I went through all of Margot’s toys and stored everything that might not be safe for Kate. The ideal baby and toddler toy is large enough that it cannot fit into this testing tube.  A few months ago, Kate got the cap off of a toy medicine bottle and had the entire thing in her mouth. It was fairly large so I don’t know that she could have swallowed it, but it was still scary. These are the toys that are safe for toddler siblings.

Since we leave toys out and want to encourage the girls to play together, we needed a few things the girls could both (safely) play with. Some of these toys are recommended for ages 3 and up so a reminder that you should always watch your children while they play. 

Toys That are Safe for Toddler Siblings

Toniebox Audio Player

This is always my #1. It’s for 3+ but both girls love it. Kate doesn’t try to eat the figurines so we haven’t had any issues with it.

Chunky Puzzles

We have a few of these. The pieces are large enough for babies & fun for toddlers to play with, too.

Bunnies and Mice

You’ll want to be mindful of any small clothing or hats, but Kate loves these little Maileg animals.

Wooden Toys

The girls love these pull back cars, but any solid, wooden toy is great for younger siblings.

Fisher Price

Little People

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Melissa and Doug

Poke-A-Dot Books

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Little People

I keep a basket of these in our living room, and the girls love playing with them. They’re fun to mix up and having the sets (like the baby set) thrown in a basket) is easier than having a huge nursery play set. Smaller sets that force kids to be creative are the best. 

Poke-A-Dot Books

My friend sent Margot one of these books and she played with it for 30 minutes, and will sit independently and play with it a few times a week.

Le Toy Van

Wooden Play Food

These pieces are very large so they're safe for babies.
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Poke-A-Dot Number Cards

The girls loved the books so much that I decided to buy the flash cards. Both girls love them and is Kate is starting to learn her letters at almost 18 months! 

Wooden Play Food


My friend had this one too and Margot loved it. Great for water table play.

Floor Table

Both girls love playing at this table and it’s the perfect height for one-year-olds.

Flash Cards

These are very durable – great for babies and toddlers.

Wooden Blocks

The blocks in this set are perfect for both girls.


My friend bought one of these for the girls and they both love it, so I ordered a few more. They are anatomically correct, come in a variety of skin tones, and smell like vanilla.

Pottery Barn Kids

Play Kitchen

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Green Toys

Tea Set

The girls love this, and it's great for the bath or sensory play, too.
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Toys That Are Safe for Younger Siblings

Toys That are Safe for Toddler Siblings

Play Kitchen

The girls use the stove and sink all the time. The fridge is nice for storage but not a must-have. You could get the smaller one piece kitchen, or just invest in the stove and sink to save space. 

Fidget Toys

Both girls love these!
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Wooden Counting Caterpillar

The pieces are huge, so they are safe for 18 month olds! Great for learning colors and counting.

Ice Cream Counter

Most of these pieces are large enough for 1-year-olds to play with.

Flower Garden Tower

This came with some smaller pieces that I put away, but the flowers, stems, and base are large enough for our 17 month old to play with.

Little People Farm 

Little People toys have been a huge hit with both girls. As I mentioned, I keep all the pieces in one basket, but do have this one larger play set that gets a lot of use. 

Fat Brain Toys


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Magnets can be very dangerous for babies, but these are large enough that they cannot be swallowed, and are ideal for learning colors and building big towers. The animal sets are amazing – both girls love them. 


These are large enough that both girls can play with them, and they’re easy to clean, so we often bring them on long walks and in the car.


Big, solid vehicles are always good for younger siblings.

The Nugget

A play couch, mat, fort, and climber. The ideal creative sibling toy that’s safe for all ages.