So you’re looking for a great gift for a coworker or employee. Whether it’s a gift for your work bestie or team members that you aren’t as close with, you still probably want to find the perfect gift. One that says “I appreciate you” – or I’d hope so. While I rarely spent time in an office space when I had one, I always valued our employees. The most thoughtful gift you can give an employee is something that shows them how much you care, and a nice bonus for their hard work. I’ve rounded up some inexpensive gifts, and a few in the $100 range – from a Starbucks gift card to gifts for the home office. There’s something for everyone. 

The Best Gifts for Coworkers and Employees

Coworker gifts are tricky. Remote coworkers are even trickier – you don’t see them all the time, and it can be hard to find the perfect present. They don’t need to be the most unique gifts, but these are people you work with daily. A practical gift is always nice, but I always love to gift something nice that someone might not buy themselves. A cozy floor or seat cushion, something for their sweet tooth, a nice hand cream, and other self-care gifts are always nice. These are the best gift ideas for your work friends and favorite coworkers this holiday season.


50 Gifts Under $50

My holiday gift guide - 50 gifts for everyone on your list, and they're all under $50
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And just a note that while gifts are fun, let’s not underestimate the importance of team experiences and handwritten notes. Good office culture, treating people well, and building others up really are the best gifts. 

Delight Patisserie

Shortbread Cookies

Nothing says happy holidays like a thoughtful gift box full of cookies. There are standard options to choose from, or have some fun and do something custom.
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Hand Cream

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Pottery Barn

Picture Frame

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Wireless Charger

File this under functional gifts for the desk and travel that are actually cool. I'm convinced I need this one now.
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Portable iPhone Charger

Take note of the phone your coworker has – this one is for the old iPhone, but the new one needs USB-C.
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Water Bottle

Think about all the plastic water bottles you'll save if you get these for everyone on your team. There are various styles and price-points to choose from.
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Gift Card

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Mark and Graham

Desk Blotter

A desk organizer or blotter is always a nice gift - beautiful and functional.
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