The Halloween Decorations to Buy Before They Sell Out

Halloween Decorations

I am not one of those people who wants summer to end, and it’s way too early to think about black cats and spider webs. But the Halloween shops are live (annoying, I know) and the good stuff is going to sell out. My first year as a mom, I waited to buy a Halloween costume a couple weeks before Halloween and everything was sold out. I don’t want you to miss out on some of my favorite decorations that sold out last year, and there’s some great new stuff that I did cave and purchase. In July. 😑 If you’re in the market for some chic but scary Halloween decorations for your front door or living room, I have you covered. From Halloween wreaths to your front porch, I’m sharing the best Halloween Decorations to buy before they sell out. 

The Halloween Decorations to Buy Before They Sell Out

Pumpkin decorations? For Halloween? Groundbreaking. Halloween was never my thing, and the decorations can be a little…tacky. I can’t deal with inflatable Halloween decor, but sign me up for pretty, classic Halloween bats and cute spooky treats. But once I had kids, it was all about making the holidays magical for them. I know it’s way too early, but if you find yourself googling Halloween party ideas in September, the good stuff will likely be gone. And it’s not fun trying to decorate in a time crunch, so let’s just be in this together, order everything now, and be ready when the time comes. Here are my favorite Halloween decoration ideas for 2022. 

Halloween Decorations

Where to shop for Halloween Decor

My favorite places to shop for both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations are Pottery Barn, Grandin Road, and Crate and Barrel. I love a Halloween theme, and each of these stores has a Halloween store you’ll love. From fog machines to Halloween lights and animatronics, these stores have everything you need for the best haunted house. But a pretty one. 

Halloween Decorations

Felt Bats (these sold out early last year!)

Looking for great wall decor for Halloween? These are it. I used paper bats on our walls until I found these, and the quality does not compare. They are so well-made, beautiful in person, and stayed up perfectly with command hooks. 

Lit Bat Wreath

This bat wreath is a budget-friendly version of the one we had on our front door last year. 

Terracotta Jack O’ Lanterns

I’m not usually a fan of faux pumpkins, but these are so cute. I bought one of each for our front door. 


Did you see that giant $300 Home Depot skeleton that sold out and is now going for $800-900? Insane. This skeleton isn’t as much of a wow factor since it’s half the size, but it is pretty fun feels spooky chic. 

Floating Candle String Lights

These Halloween string lights are so fun. My friend said they sold out quickly last year, so I snagged a set. They come in black and white, but since our house is white, I went with black. 

Halloween Pillows

I bought one of these for each of the girls for their rooms. I know, I know. But I’m not even sorry. These are the little holiday traditions I hope they remember as they grow up.

Hanging Witch Hats

If you’re looking for chic and spooky home decor for Halloween, these are it. I attach them to our ceiling with small command hooks. 

Bat Doormat

This festive doormat is fun and stylish – perfect for a front door spooky scene. 

Lit Staked Ghosts

I am currently trying to talk myself out of these, but might have to get them. 

Mollie Jenkins Ghosts

These ghosts will sell out the day they launch. I ordered a few last year and placed one of these inside each ghost.