I want to hold on to these warm summer days for as long as possible. I created some summer wallpapers for you to enjoy, because a beautiful background that reminds you of summer vacations is always nice, right? Who doesn’t want a beach wallpaper in the dead of winter? If you’re looking for an iPhone or desktop wallpaper with summer vibes, you’ve come to the right place. From beach pictures to my favorite things that remind me of summer (spritzes), these backgrounds will bring summer to your phone and computer screen. And really, you can use these any time. I left months and calendars off these backgrounds so they can be used all year –  so when you need a beach background or something fun, or spritzy, you can turn to these free summer backgrounds.


Free Summer Backgrounds for Your iPhone and Desktop

Click the link below each image to download these summer backgrounds. I used high quality images like stock photos and royalty-free vectors for these backgrounds and hope you love them as much as I do. I don’t have a comment section on my blog, but if you download these and use them, please let me know on social media. These are all available royalty-free. Enjoy my summer iPhone backgrounds! 


Here are my summer backgrounds

Spritz me desktop background

Spritz me iPhone

Oranges desktop background

summer backgrounds

Oranges iPhone background

summer backgrounds

Lemons desktop background

summer backgrounds

Lemons iPhone background

summer backgrounds

Poolside desktop background

summer backgrounds

Poolside iPhone summer background


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I hope you enjoy these royalty-free image downloads for summer. I do not use ai-generated images – just the real stuff. You can see more summer iPhone wallpapers here, and if you’re looking for a cute pink background, check out this post. And look here for a cute fall background