It’s been a big month for our family. Margot turned 5 and we celebrated one year off of treatment! My sister visited from CA , we got a new car, finished our bathroom (mostly), painted the exterior of our home, and landscaped. After matching half-a-year ago, our au pair arrived from France! We were getting into a nice groove with three kids and now have an extra set of hands to help. We’re only 2.5 days in, but it feels really good having her here. I’m attributing that to her personality (she’s wonderful) and how great she is with the kids. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and just really like her. We’ve had some great conversation. I’m working on finishing up some rooms in our home and bought a few things this month. Here are the things I bought and liked 

Things I Bought And Liked, July 2023


Hermes Watch Band

You can use the Hermes Apple watch band without the Hermes watch, so I got it. And I LOVE it.
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My Hat

I love this natural straw fedora with broad brim and oversized band.
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Linen Shorts

I got these in black and liked them so much that I ordered them in white and oatmeal, too.
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Crate and Barrel


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Floor Mirror

I was about to buy this mirror but actually ended up partnering with Arhaus on it. It's perfect, but currently backordered, so we'll have it in a few months. I can't wait!
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Solo Stove

Smokeless Fire Pit

My kids love smores, so I finally caved and bought a solo stove. And they're on sale right now!
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Ceramic Muffin Pan

I been using this for muffin pan snack trays for the kids, but you can't order more than one at a time or they'll arrive broken. It was a real ordeal getting 2 that weren't shattered due to poor packaging.
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Liing Car Seat

I still think the Doona is great, but it's really heavy and the car seat lady wanted me to use this for safety because of the load leg.
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Fox Stroller

I'm partnering with Strolleria on this stroller but sold our Vista since I have a double stroller that I love, and I really wanted a stroller that I could fold with one hand. The fox is so smooth, folds with one hand, and I really like Bugaboo's wheeled board for the bigger kids to ride on.
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Crib Sheet

Jack moved to his crib last week and used the mushie bassinet sheets, so I thought I'd get the crib sheets for him. Consistency, right?
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Fisher Price

Baby Seat

My MIL had this at her house and Jack LOVED it, so I ordered one for our house. I try not to have him in it too often but it's nice to have a place to put him down when I need to.
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Paper Cape


These are my new favorite pajamas for Jack. The collar and the stripes are just too cute.
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