What I Bought This Month

My purchases were a little all over the place this month. I’m working on a gardening campaign so there were a few gardening supples. We had our first warm day here in Chicago, so I bought the girls their spring and summer shoes. There’s also a steroid pulse coming up next week (ugh) so I bought a few things to keep Margot entertained). Just two more rounds – we can do this. This is so random, but I came across a black dress and always struggle to find something when we have events, so I bought it. It’s a black dress, so it won’t go out of style, and one day, I’ll need one, and won’t have to worry about finding something. I bought this, too, but it’s almost sold out so I’m not including it below. Here’s what I bought this month. 

What I Bought This Month

Bergs Potter Terracotta Pots

You know how I got really into gardening and planted these planters and boxwoods? Well, I’m excited to do our spring/summer planters and am actually working on a campaign around gardening. These pots had been on my list for a while so this was the perfect excuse to buy them.


Body Wash

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Penny Linn Designs

Needlepoint Key Fob

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Necessaire Body Wash: 

I buy a new bottle every few months, and just ran out. You know I love my clean beauty products, and the eucalyptus body wash smells so good

Needlepoint key fob:

I fell off the needlepoint wagon but want to get back on it, and this beginner canvas felt perfect for our new house. 

Block print top: 

A printed top that isn’t blue. And you thought you knew me.


So, weeks ago, we were out with the girls and Kate was losing her mind in the back seat. Since we were in the Starbucks drive-thru and Conor was driving, I got out of the front and into the back. Sadly, my favorite sunglasses fell off my head onto the ground outside. When I pieced things together, I went back and there they were, but a car (probably ours) had driven over them. So I bought these. 

Black dress: 

I’m always scrambling any time I need a black dress and found this on sale. We don’t have anything to go to right now, but one day, we will, and I’ll be ready.

Tank and short set: 

I make an effort to purchase outfits from small shops for the girls, but they need a few things that they can get dirty in. This set was an Amazon find and is so reasonable. 

Donut sandals: 

My girls love donuts, or eating the frosting off donuts. I couldn’t not get these for them. 

Waterproof sandals: 

Margot actually had these last year, so I bought them for both girls this year. 

Toddler wellies: 

Margot outgrew her wellies and Kate didn’t have a pair and is very into jumping right now. And I sort of forgot how much it rains here in the spring, so these seemed like a necessary purchase. 


We were out scooting with the girls but Kate was moving so slowly and bending over to push her around the block killed my back. Our scooter had a seat but the push bar is key. Margot’s scooter had a seat that folds up and down but doesn’t come off, and I really wanted to get her scooting the old fashioned way. So, new scooters for everyone.

Safari Magna-Tiles:

My friend suggested that I buy these for the girls because her boys love them. The girls love Magna-Tiles, but these are by far their favorite. 

Magnetic travel blocks: 

We have been trying to get out with the girls a bit more and need tiny things to keep them entertained. These are great but we lost our old set, so I got two new ones. 

Water magic books: 

I usually buy the Melissa and Doug water wow books but my kids love anything with treats, so I bought these. 

Reusable sticker books; 

A steroid purchase. Anything to make that week a little less awful for Margot. 

Doll sticker books: 

These books are Margot’s favorite thing. We’ve gone through quite a few of them, and are almost done with the two she has left, so I placed another order. Kate has been loving these sticker books, so I added a few to my order. I shared this on IG, but here’s a tip. Peel back the outer paper on the sticker sheet to make it easier for your kids to peel stickers off the page. 

Little Sleepies wearable blanket:

Kate has a pair of Jessie pajamas that she asks to wear nightly. I don’t love them, but she does, so I had to buy this wearable blanket for her. I have a Little Sleepies coupon code, too. Use my link and Moss15 for 15% off. 

A favorite dress for the girls:

Margot lived in this dress (in pink) last summer. It’s so cute and priced really well (great quality too!). I would recommend sizing up.


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