My Top-Selling Items of 2021

2021 was a strange year, so I’m not going to question how popular bats and jute were. We were all just trying to get by. Lots of cleaning, organizing, decorating, and decor. Here are the items I featured that seemed to resonate this year. Happy New Year, everyone! 

My Top-Selling Items of 2021


Ben Soleimani

Jute Rug

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Little Sleepies Pajamas and Coupon Code

The food truck print was my most-sold style, but sold out. We have so many pairs of these PJs. They’re soft, stretchy, and last forever. Use this link and code MOSS15 for 15% off.

My Jute Rug

This is the jute rug we have in our living room and is my favorite of any jute I’ve owned. It’s so soft and has held up really well for us.

Summer Hours Perfume

I raved about this perfume and sold 130 sample sets overnight! (a record!) It’s so light and fresh (and it’s clean!) Use code DANIELLE15 for 15% off!

World Market Jute Rug

This rug is hands-down my top-seller. It is featured in one of my most read posts and is a very budget-friendly jute rug.

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost

I can believe this one since i showed you how amazing Branch Basics cleaning products are. Use code MOSS for 15% off starter sets!

My Favorite Elixir

I have raved about this elixir that I use every single day morning and night. My skin and never looked or felt better. It’s a splurge but worth every penny.

Toniebox Audio Player

You know we love our Tonies, so this isn’t a surprise at all. It’s seriously the best toy we own and keeps the girls busy and entertained (without a screen!)

Eufy Robot Vacuum

I thought robot vacuums were so stupid until a friend insisted that I get one and here I am ordering a second for our top floor. It’s the best!

Serena and Lily Plug In Sconces

We had these in our bedroom before our curtains went up. They’re easy to install (plug in!) and so pretty.


These are stiff which goes against how cozy i like to be but I love them.

Grandin Road

Felt Bats

These sold out but had to include since I never would have imagined bats would be a best-seller.
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Flower Lane

Monogrammed Crowns

I got these for the girls for Christmas and it seems many of you may have done the same.
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Felt Bats

Monogrammed Crowns

Sweater Pants

The loft ones were a top-seller but they’re sold out. These were a close second and are selling out! I have both and love both. They’re so cozy.

Cotton Midi Dress

I can’t believe it but this is still in stock and $30. I wore it every single week last summer. It’s so light and easy to wear.

Lily and River

Pikler Climber

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Serena and Lily

Diamond Jute Rug

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Pikler Climber

This is a winter essential. It folds up for easy storage and is a great way to get the kids climbing when you’re stuck indoors.

Serena and Lily Diamond Jute Rug

Also in my post on jute rugs – it’s an updated take on a classic jute.

Scalloped Baskets

These are in Kate’s room and are currently on sale.

Sensory Bin Lid

This feels pretty random but it was a weird year and this sensory bin lid was a top seller.


I don’t own this puffer but included it in a roundup and it’s now on sale.

Convertible Tower Table

This sold like crazy. It’s one of the cooler toddler items we own and easily converts from a learning tower to a table for two.

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Bat Doormat

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Bat Doormat

Apparently bats performed really well for me this year.

Half Zip

This sweatshirt is under $80, so cozy, and is something cute to wear around the house.

Floor Pillow

I shared this floor pillow that I bought for Margot’s room and it sold like crazy. It has since been relocated to our indoor playhouse and is the perfect spot to cozy up with a book.

Water Flosser

We had an interesting debate about flossing and then everyone ran to buy one of these.