Years ago, a friend shared a discount code for these little cubes that come in different flavors and make your plain water taste…good. We all need to drink more water, right? I wanted to love plain water. I still wish I did, but it takes me forever to finish a single glass. As someone who could go the entire day without drinking much water, I had to try it. I was in a bit of a dry spell, so I ordered Waterdrop microdrinks and want to share my experience with you. Will actually make you drink more water? 


Will You Drink More Water with Waterdrop?


I had tried everything. Daily drinking goals? Who cares. That hydration app won’t make me do anything. I can do decently well with a can of sparkling water, but those are so wasteful. So I tried waterdrop, and I loved it. But did the dissolvable cubes make me drink more water? 

Yes. Yes they did. One try and I was hooked. I went from barely drinking any water to drinking 40-60 oz a day which is huge for me. And I recently started adding waterdrop to Pellegrino and *chef’s kiss* Not sure why I didn’t think to do that earlier given that it’s even suggested on the box. 


Save 15% on Waterdrop

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So what is Waterdrop? 

Waterdrop® cubes makes drinking water enjoyable and easy. Each cube contains natural fruit and plant extracts, citric acid (a weak acid found naturally in all citrus fruits) and valuable vitamins. And there are only 5 calories per serving and zero added sugars. So you can feel good about hydrating your body with Waterdrop. I just add a sugar-free cube to cold water and once it dissolves (which happens very quickly) I have delicious flavored water.


Waterdrop’s Sustainability Mission

Did you know that over 1.2 million plastic bottles are used every single minute? And less than 10% of those bottles are recycled. Waterdrop contributes to Plastic Bank – for each 12-Pack of Waterdrop that you purchase, 1 plastic bottle (which is 4x more plastic than Waterdrop’s packaging uses) is collected from the environment. 


My favorite drinks

This is highly personal so I’d recommend adding a starter pack to your shopping basket to see what you like. Read the product description of each flavor to make sure there isn’t anything you don’t like. But, since I’m here, I’ll share my favorites. I love the Zen (star fruit and lemongrass), Youth (peach ginger), Glow (mango, apricot, and prickly pear cactus fruit) and the Koko Piña (coconut pineapple) is my favorite. The coconut fruit extract (with a touch of pineapple) is heaven. It’s also limited edition so I recommend that you try it before it sells out. I have about a dozen boxes in my pantry. 


Waterdrop’s Hydration App

So I love waterdrop but don’t really have an interest in the water tracker app. I feel like I wouldn’t use a tracking app. But can see the benefit for those of you whose brains work that way. I just don’t care about in-app challenges or daily targets via an app but if you want to keep track of your drinking habits, give it a try. My personal hydration goals were to increase my water intake, and I just have too much going on to use one more app. I did also think I wasn’t a podcast person and have been hooked to podcasts the last year so really, never say never.

We all have different needs, so I wanted to at least touch on this for those of you who might be interested in knowing the exact amount of water you consume. 


The Extra Smart Water Bottle

The innovative Lucy smart cap for Waterdrop water bottles is incredible. It not only helps you track your water consumption, but Waterdrop’s Lucy smart cap features a UV-C purification function deactivates up to 99.9999%* of potential germs in your drinking water. So with the Lucy cap, you’ll know you’re drinking clean, pure water. The water bottle tracks your consumption and the LUCY® Smart Cap blinks, giving you regular water reminders. The app is not really something I’m interested in, but the cap is pretty amazing. 


It takes 30 days to form a new habit, and Waterdrop has helped make drinking water second nature for me. I love my Waterdrop cubes (especially the Koko Piña, if that wasn’t obvious). 


This post contains tracking links from a social media partnership with Waterdrop. This post was not sponsored by Waterdrop and I do not profit off these tracking links.