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Like many parents, we decided to make Halloween magical for our Moana-loving three-year-0ld and dress our entire family as her favorite characters. She had a Moana themed birthday earlier this year and already had the costume (and a few accessories) so I liked the idea of not having to buy another costume. So I did what any parent would do and started scouring the internet months ago, hoping to find a great Te Fiti wig and Hei Hei and Pua costumes for our dog and one-year-old. The Hei Hei costume felt pretty epic, so I ended up switching their roles. My husband was in charge of his costume and found everything on Amazon – but I tried to go the small (Etsy) route, and found some real gems. Grandma even got in on it using items she already had at home and a can of grey hair spray. AS you can see, Margot was thrilled – it was so worth it. I know Halloween is over, but 

The Winding Vine

Flower Crown

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The Purple Pumpkin Shop

Te Fiti Wig

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Mis Caprichos Aricelli

Pua Costume

The costume I purchased sold out, but this was by far the best one I found. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it's really good.
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  • So fun! Not sure if you’re into dress up clothes for the girls in general, but i discovered Only Little Once recently (they have a regular website and are on Etsy too, but each seems to have slightly different items?), and they have the cutest and most comfortable clothes. I have zero affiliation with them (promise!), but will probably only get dress up stuff from them for my daughter going forward, unless they don’t have a particular character that I’m looking for. Every time my daughter goes out in one of her OLO dresses, moms stop me to ask me where I bought it.