Woven Nursery Shades and Curtains

I get a lot of questions about the shades and curtains in the girls’ rooms. Our shades and curtains are by Hunter Douglas, and this was my first experience with custom drapery. It really makes such a big difference. So here are the details on our woven nursery window treatments and curtains from Hunter Douglas.

Woven Nursery Window Treatments


Woven Nursery Shades and Curtains

I chose the Provenance Woven Wood Shades in Maritime Alabaster with a Room-Darkening liner and LiteRise Operating System, and Design Studio Side Panels in Bungalow Snow with Brushed Bronze drapery hardware. They were gifted from the brand, but I did not promise them a dedicated blog post. These are one of the most asked about items in my home, and we love them so much that we’re planning on putting them up in our next home.

Nursery Window Treatments: Inside vs. outside mount

Our windows did not allow for an inside mount, so there are light gaps even though these are room darkening shades. If you are able to mount inside, I prefer that, but it just wasn’t an option for us. I added these budget-friendly blackout shades below the woven shades to make the room pitch black for the girls. You cannot see them at all, and they do the trick. We have blackout shades from Hunter Douglas in our bedroom, and it’s dark enough for us, but we go for pitch black for babies and toddlers. 

The shades are really easy to pull up and down – the Lite Rise operating system makes raising and lowering blinds easy and safe for little ones since they’re cordless. Simply push up to raise and pull down to lower. The quality is amazing. They’re so beautiful and easy to use, and safe for the girls since they’re cord-free.


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