When we first saw our house, the closets weren’t exactly what I had in mind. I thought we’d end up with something a little bigger but loved our house and figured we could make it work, and we did. I’ve come to love my little closet – being able to capsule my wardrobe seasonally forced me to really look at what I actually wear. I worked with California Closets (we paid to have these done but were given a 30% discount–always want to be upfront about partnerships) and am so happy with how they turned out. For whatever reason, it took almost three years to shoot these (oops) but better late than never. Here’s are some tips for organizing a small closet.


Organizing a Small Closet


Designing a small closet and maximizing space

There was only so much space to work with but our designer really maximized the space. I ended up adding more shelves to the bottom (for flats) and keep jeans and bags on top. A few simple command hooks on the doors hold hats and my robe. I very rarely (read: never) wear heels so that really freed up my shelves. I have a few shoe boxes with heels on the ground and bottom right shelf, and some more in a box under the bed. Would I prefer a larger closet? Sure. But this is such a nice way to really see and use what you actually wear.

I did not end up ordering the valet rod or pull-out mirror since we added a wall mounted mirror to our bedroom. It’s otherwise all pretty simple: tops and jackets on the top left, sweaters and pajamas on the bottom left, and dresses on the right, with shoes and jeans in the middle. We have hooks at the top of our basement stairs where I keep a small purse that I use when I run out solo, and a tote I use with the girls. All our off-season clothes are stored in the basement. 


What’s in my small closet

The Home Edit


I added two of these for belts and bags
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Removable Hook

I added a few of these for hats and robes
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Container Store


These hangers are the best for saving space and keep clothes from slipping, too
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Another great item for small spaces – this folds flat, takes up minimal space, and can be carried to the laundry room.
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