Life Lately: What I'm Up To This Week

Life Lately: What I'm Up To This Week

It’s freezing and I haven’t had any wine in 22 days so there’s been lots of time for blogging. So much that I’ve posted almost every day the past few weeks. Time for another life lately: what I’m up to this week.

Life Lately: What I’m Up To This Week


I’m 3 weeks into Whole30 and it’s going well I haven’t had any cravings and can control what I eat since I work from home. There were a few new recipes I wanted to try but I didn’t get around to it, so I stuck with what I know. I ordered Tessemae’s Whole30 approved sauces and hope they’ll inspire me to try something new.

Plans with friends this week

Conor and I went to dinner at my friend Meg’s last week and had such a good time with her little family. buddy and Nellie got along beautifully, dinner was so so good, Oliver climbed all over me and snuggled all evening, and everyone enjoyed Halo Top while I breezily enjoyed a bowl of fruit like it was no big deal. 

Life lately: Joining the PAWS professional board

My friend Jena is on the board at PAWS and tried to get me to come to a meeting and a few events last year. I don’t know why it took so long, but I’m now officially a member of the PAWS professional board (my first board!) and joined the Animal Magnetism committee. And even more exciting, in my first week as a member, I helped get a puppy adopted via instagram and recruited a new member to join the board. I will share more about PAWS soon. Really excited to be a part of it!

Buddy made another cameo on West Elm’s instagram.

In case you missed it, I quit CrossFit a year ago.

A Visit with an old friend this week

My friend Anne was in town for a wedding last weekend, and fortunately, we were able to spend most of Sunday together. Anne and I met when she hired me to design her blog days before I booked a flight to Chicago. I was actually a reader of her blog and knew she used to live here. I shared my story and asked her to tell me how great the city was. She had just moved back with her son Jack! It was her email that gave me the courage to book my ticket.

Rough call with great aunt Rose this week.

She sounds like her usual self and is doing alright physically for a 97-year-old, but it’s just so sad having someone right there on the other end of the phone who isn’t really there at all, so it feels like a loss. Every time we talk, I tell her I named a sofa after her which she always loves hearing. It’s been over a year of this but it doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Anyway, I’d like to end this on a positive note. I just booked my first international trip of 2016 to a continent I’ve never been to. And I leave in TWO WEEKS!