What's On My Mind This Week, 5.15.23

It feels so good to sit down at a computer again. Yes, I am taking a maternity leave, but if and when I want to work, I’ll work. I’ve been spending most of my days either holding and caring for Jack, and for the first time, am really enjoying it. I’ve also been spending more one-on-one time with the girls – something that feels more important now than ever since I have three children. Sometimes, it’s just a small errand together. I took Margot to the car wash and Kate to Trader Joe’s and the zoo. As a result, I have less time than ever and am not really in a groove, but it feels so special to have this time with my kids. Here’s what’s on my mind this week. 5.15.23.


What’s On My Mind This Week, 5.15.23


I want to say it took about a month to feel like myself again. Nothing fits and I have an extra 30 pounds on my frame, so I don’t feel like me physically. But – I can do a lot more and feel pretty good (night nurse is the best!). You really can take on the world after sleeping through the night. I’ve had this itch to work on a few posts but no time to do it, and I’m putting zero pressure on myself. But it feels good to want to do it, so that’s something. I’ve been making plans with friends – Jack and I went to lunch with a friend last week, and we have a lot of plans this coming week. 


The Girls' Shared Room

You can find everything in Margot and Kate's room linked here
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One month as a mom of 3!

Those third babies really hit differently. I can’t believe Jack will be 5 weeks this week! He’s just so sweet and snuggly. I also cannot believe how different it feels with a third. Everything felt so stressful with my first, my second was a pandemic baby, and now this. If he cries in the car, I don’t stress out the way I used to. It’s a lot – we’re outnumbered and I’m exhausted. I will tell you that taking the two girls out alone would exhaust me and it feels so easy now. Nothing makes 2 kids feel easier than 3 kids.

I’ve been shorter with the girls at times (mostly bedtime) because I just need a break. Let that be a reminder that it’s ok to fall short. We all do it. Repair (apologizing, and talking through it) is so so important

Necklace Set

The girls have been making necklaces with these sets lately. We have Encanto, Trolls, Frozen, and Mickey, and put them all together in one box. I highly recommend them for 3-5.
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Little Giraffe

Chenille Blanket

We are big Little Giraffe fans and have a few of their baby blankets, and two larger blankets, too. Jack seems to really love them. I'll lay one on him when I'm holding him and it's just so soft and cozy.
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What's On My Mind This Week, 5.15.23


I’m in organization mode

Now that I feel like myself physically, I’m going for more walks and getting this house organized. Now that bedrooms are in place and the playroom is done, I can work on giving everything a home. My goal is to choose one “thing” a day. It can be a drawer on a crazy day or a closet on a day where I have more time, but I just want everything to feel organized. Part of the motivation is figuring out what I need from The Container Store in the month of May since all purchases over $100 (so easy to do there) are 25% off. 

Most of the toys have been moved to the playroom, keeping a select few in the bedroom. I also went through their clothes, sorting through what no longer fits Kate and can be donated. I put aside Margot’s clothes for Kate, and am donating a few old toys, too. The project took longer than planned since I did Kate’s old closet, too, and I’m not done, but it’s feeling good. 


The Kids’ bedrooms

For anyone who missed it, the girls each had their own rooms. We were having some sleep struggles and decided to test having the girls together, and knew right away that it was what was best for them. So the girls moved in to the larger bedroom that was originally being converted from a guest room to Jack’s room. Kate’s old “flower room” is now the guest room, and Margot’s old room is now Jack’s room. We moved everything around maybe a month or so before Jack arrived, but I wasn’t able to properly organize everything. Our playroom was also not complete, so all our playroom toys were scattered throughout our house. 

The girls room is coming along. I just need to find a rug and a throw pillow and blanket. It’s better than I could have imagined. I liked the hummingbirds but was a little nervous they might feel like a lot. And honestly – their room is now maybe my favorite room in the house. It’s such a dreamy space. I’m excited to finish Jack’s room and the playroom. Making these spaces feel special for my kids is so fun. 

Farmhouse Boxes

I keep clothes we'll pass down to Kate, toys, and misc. baby/kid things in these boxes.
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Lined Basket

I love these lined baskets. The girls each have their own baskets for underwear, socks, and headbands.
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The Best Products to Buy at The Container Store

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What's On My Mind This Week, 5.15.23

House projects are coming along. It’s so loud here. 🙃

There is a lot happening at our house but I feel oddly ok with how crazy it is. All the lintels below our windows need to be replaced, so that happened today. The jackhammering and banging was a lot – so much that there was no nap for Kate. Bedtime was fun.

Our bathroom is framed out and electric is done. There’s also a tub in there, so that’s something. We’re estimating another 4-6 weeks until that’s done.

I’m not sure what to call the unfinished porch room, but we’re building it out, adding windows and a proper foundation, and it will probably be my future office. So there’s just a lot of noise right now, but it will be worth it. 


The exterior of our home

I want to say landscaping starts in the next day or two. We’re only landscaping one side of the house for now because it’s all so expensive and we need to budget for the rest. At some point, I have a dream of a large pea gravel patio on the side of the house, but that’s years away.

We hired a landscape architect to come up with a plan and I love what she did, but found white alternatives for every flower because I had this dream of an all white garden. At first, Conor wasn’t thrilled but he knew that there was no changing my mind on this one. Once that’s done, we’ll repaint the house, and need new shutters since ours all have wood rot.


What's On My Mind This Week, 5.15.23

Rey to Z

Baseball Cap

Margot has decided that this hat is her favorite thing ever and that is must be worn backwards.
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Striped Dress

Both Margot and Kate have this dress in pink and blue. It's $28 and the perfect play dress.
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The Girls' Favorite Sneakers

I don't know what it is about these shoes, but they almost always reach for them. I love that they're easy to put on (they don't actually tie). And they're on sale.
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3 Years since diagnosis. We’ve all come so far. 

Margot was diagnosed on May 16, 2020 – it’s all so surreal and I know that I can’t properly explain it. I also have no idea how I feel. This is the first “anniversary” since she’s been off treatment. We really only talk about it if Margot brings it up, and that isn’t often. The moment I found out she was sick broke me and it took years to find my way. The most complex part is that it’s no longer part of our day-to-day lives, but defined so much of how we lived and what we did for years. But to look at her now, to see how happy, healthy, and outgoing she is.

To watch her bravely climb a ladder she couldn’t and wouldn’t have touched a year ago…it’s the most incredible thing. I won’t tell Margot about the anniversary but I will take her out to do something fun. Seeing her happy is the best, and making the most of May 16 isn’t a celebration, but we’re making every May 16 we ever have moving forward a good day. 


The last week of school!

I cannot believe my baby finishes preschool this week and will be a kindergartener in the fall. She has grown so much this year. I’ve watched her blossom and thrive, make best friends, and it’s incredible to see how much she’s learned. She can write every single letter in the alphabet by memory, all her numbers, and loves to draw. But really, it’s hearing she’s kind to everyone and seeing her friendships grow that means the most. She has a friend coming over after school on Wednesday and 3 of her best friends and their moms coming over after school on Friday. Our house is already crazy so why not? We’ve all become friends, and I just love seeing the girls together. 

Next week, our nanny will be out of town, so I’m planning a few fun activities, and I’m really hoping to get back to pilates and yoga soon! Not sure when I’ll have time with 3 kids and part-time childcare but I’ll make it work.