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Birthday Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Olds

Margot turns three in July, so over the last few weeks, I started looking at some gift ideas. She loves playing pretend – play food is probably her favorite thing right now. The thing I was most excited about is something I’ve wanted to buy her since she was born, so she’s finally getting a balance bike. It’s just so beautiful, and our OT said it would be great for her.

Then I realized she might be a little nervous to use it, so I ordered a few more things. She’s getting a straw bag/backpack, a few dress-up costumes (specifically, Moana, Rapunzel, and Anna), and birthday pajamas. I’ve included some of our favorite toys that she’s into, along with some others I’ve had my eye on. And everyone needs Lola Dutch – it’s so so sweet. 



Balance Bike

Her big gift that she's probably too young for and might be hesitant to use.
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Olli Ella

Straw Bag

Margot loves carrying toys in her Olli Ella picnic basket. This is so cute can be worn as a purse or backpack.
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Floor Table

My friend had this at her house and it's simple but kind of amazing. Will be great for puzzles, drawing, and even picnics in our yard.
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Audio and Music Player

We have and love this. And they just came out with a bunch of Disney stories!
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Green Toys


My friend had this one too and Margot loved it. Great for water table play.
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Wooden Bowls

I love all things Grimms and these can be used for pretty much anything. My friend said her daughter uses them as pools for her maileg mice.
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Beach Mouse

I mean...come on.
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Petite Plume

Dessert Pajamas

Got these for both girls since their birthdays are 9 days apart.
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Elm & Otter

Wood Ice Cream Set

It's taking so much effort not to buy this since I know she'd love it.
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Rey to Z

Baseball Cap

This is darling.
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Doll Table and Chairs

Also darling.
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Sarah's Silks

Rainbow Play Silk

These are great. Just ordered a second large one to use for forts.
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Princess and the Pea

Big maileg fans over here and these little mattresses will be perfect for M's dollhouse.
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A prettier magnatile.
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Domestic Objects

Tower Tent

If we didn't already have a tent, I'd buy this one.
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Lola Dutch

One of our favorite books.
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Glo Pals

Party Time Bath Toy

Margot loves her light-up bath guys. She calls this one party guy.
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Wood Farm Animals

These are pricey but beautiful.
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Margot got this when she was one and really didn't use it until she was two. She loves it now.
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Little Adventurers

Dress-Up Clothes

I bought Anna, Moana, and Rapunzel costumes. These are pretty reasonable and are supposed to not be itchy.
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Yellow Door

Sensory Stones

We have a few sets of these - Margot calls them food rocks. They're perfect for water play.
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Dish Washing Station

This is beautiful.
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