My home revealed in RUE magazine!

Rue-Stoffer Photography 0095

Have you seen the new issue of Rue Magazine? Because I’m in it. I found out that my apartment would be featured last August and had to keep this & The Everygirl a secret. I am so excited/a little nervous to finally share my home with you!

And in case you missed it yesterday, my new pre-made blog templates are available for sale!

danielle moss rue home tour-10

Time to thank some wonderful people who helped make this happen.
Liz styled me for the shoot & arrived the day of with a very large latte.
Reva Gorbady of Salon Buzz cut & styled my hair.
Jenna Fain did an amazing job writing the article for Rue. Love her.  
Jayson Home & Garden arranged the beautiful hydrangeas & the fern in the gold votive.

And to Crystal & Anne. Thank you for featuring my apartment in Rue Magazine! I remember when Rue was just a dream for Crystal and I am so proud of everything that she has accomplished. Crystal and I were introduced on Twitter almost two years ago. I had an extra ticket to Oprah and invited her to join me, so we met at Harpo Studios. Colin Firth and Tom Ford were the guests & we sat in the first row. True story.

Now please excuse me while I pass out because my apartment was featured in RUE Magazine. Is this real life?

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  • How wonderful! Many congrats to you. So exciting!!

  • Congratulations- that is such exciting news! Your apartment looks beautiful. I will definitely be looking to yours for inspiration when I finally get one of my own.

  • I just checked out all the details in Rue. I love how light and fresh your place is! I adore the metallic touches on your floating shelves too!

  • Congratulations!! so happy to FINALLY see your home and it's gorgeous!! you did so well with such small space! 🙂 hope to continue to see more of it! 🙂

  • Congratulations! I saw your home in Rue and I LOVE it! It is so fresh and so clean. You and buddy look fabulous, too.

  • Congrats Danielle. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. All that worrying was well worth it, its perfection!

  • …I DID see it, and it's my FAVORITE space in the magazine!!! Great natural light 🙂

  • Your home is just stunning – congrats on the fabulous feature, Danielle!! I loooove your little penguins! 🙂 Also. Colin Firth. Front row. Are you serious? Did you jump on him?! 😉

  • Yay!! CANNOT wait to see it! Heading there now!

  • Congrats, you have a beautiful home! Can't wait to see the spread! xo -Molly

  • You have an absolutely beautiful apartment! I love all the white and gold throughout! Congrats on the feature 🙂 xx

  • It looks amazing Danielle!! Perfect down to every detail!! So happy and proud of you!! You did it! 🙂

  • Congrats!!!! I am absolutely dying to see- quite sure your beautiful home looks stunning in the shots!!! So happy for you! xo

  • Congratulations! Your apartment is beautiful! What a great article! You are amazing. Good Luck with The Every Girl launch. I can't wait! 🙂

  • That's a wonderful article! What a great accomplishment for you, that's so exciting!!

  • You should be so proud of the beautiful home you've made here for yourself and Buddy! It's absolutely lovely, and a delight for guests, myself included, to visit (as frequently as I do!). Honored I was able to help even a little bit.

  • What an amazing opportunity! Way to go! Your place looks just beautiful and the photos are lovely. Great job!


  • Congratulations! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the white — seriously my dream home. 🙂

  • Just read the article–it looks SO great!!! So excited for you. xoxo

  • Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful home and adorable puppy!

  • HUGE congrats to you Danielle!
    Your apartment is beyond beautiful. It is so crispy and clean, and so perfect. Can I live there now, please?

  • Just checked out the issue and your home is gorgeous! Love how clean and fresh your bedroom is! And how genious to use a bar cart as a side table!

  • Such an exciting time for you! Absolutely loved seeing your apartment though I nearly died in anticipation. The soft colors and bright light make the place look so cheerful and welcoming. Can't wait to see more of it in the future!

  • Great layout! Congratulations! It is fun to see where all the magic happens with your business and blog. Decorated wonderfully with light and airy interiors.

  • So exciting! Loved flipping through Rue online and seeing your apartment. Congrats, I know we'll be hearing more in 2012 🙂

  • Danielle,

    Your home looks fabulous. You seriously have me thinking about white walls for my next apt … something I normally avoid!


  • Congrats on the Rue feature! Your place looks absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  • Congrats, Danielle! The place looks amazing, breathtaking, gorgeous.

    You have done it!

    Keep it up lady!

  • Wow, HUGE congratulations!! SO exciting. And your place looks phenomenal!

  • aaw Danielle!! congrats!! Off to check it out but from what I see I LOVE IT!

  • Oh my Goodness!!! Haven't check the issue yet, but these pics are STUNNING! LOVE your place to the very smallest detail Danielle!
    On another note: Tom Ford and Colin Firth? first row, I'm officially JEALOUS!

  • Oh my Goodness!!! Haven't check the issue yet, but these pics are STUNNING! LOVE your place to the very smallest detail Danielle!
    On another note: Tom Ford and Colin Firth? first row, I'm officially JEALOUS!

  • Danielle–you have so much to be proud of! It looks absolutely fabulous, and you look beautiful!! So amazing! Can you stop keeping secrets now?!


  • Congrats – that is so exciting! I cannot wait to get home and check it out (our work computers have it blocked – bummer).

  • Your 50th comment is from little ole me and I'm now crushing on your apartment decor. Congrats, I am a new follower as well.

    Lisa x

  • Love, love LOVE! Yay for Buddy making it in to the shots.

  • congrats! i have a major apartment crush. i love the combination of rustic, glam, cozy, and airy. you hit it spot on.

    i can't believe you've only been in your place a year…it is so perfectly curated. totally jealous!

    looking forward to the everygirl!

  • Congrats!!! I love your place- it's so light and airy. And Buddy is so cute in his professional portrait looking like the king of the castle 🙂

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  • Ahh your home is beautiful!! I love all of the details in your home – you have done an incredible job! Congratulations on the feature!!! xx

  • Hi, Danielle! As one of your newest followers, I wanted to tell you how beautiful your home looks! I would also like to borrow your adorable puppy. Hope you're having a great week!


  • Danielle, your home is absolutely gorgeous, truly something that belongs in a magazine! I am heading over to Rue to check out the full spread right now.

    – Sheri Ann
    Sprinkles and Style

  • These photos are pure perfection in every sense of the word/way. Your home is so lovely…congrats on the fab feature!

  • danielle, this is so fantastic!! am so thrilled for all of you girls, your place is just beautiful. obsessed with your gold penguins

  • That's AWESOME! Congrats 🙂 And the apt is just gorgeous!

  • What an awesome opportunity – congrats