We’re slowly but surely making a little more progress on our home. It is so unlike me to take this long but decorating a 3 bedroom house is a lot more work than decorating a 1 bedroom apartment and I’ve had a lot going on, so it really hasn’t been that much of a priority. I wish our home was just magically finished but I’m excited to see things come together over the next few months. You’ve seen peeks of the kitchen/dining area, living room, and Margot’s room, but that’s it. Here are some updates, things we’ve purchased, and what we’re going to work on soon. House Updates: The Living Room and Sunroom.

House Updates: The Living Room and Sunroom

I’m also teaming up with Paynes Gray  – one of my favorite online shops where I got my coffee table – to give one of you $500 to help you decorate your home! Giveaway details are at the bottom of this post!

Let’s start with the living room – the room you’ve seen most of. It has evolved just a little bit over the last few months.

Here’s what we’ve done. 

We started with a jute rug but changed it out for wool. I love jute and have had it in all my homes but wanted something softer for Margot to crawl around on. If you’re looking for a jute rug, I highly recommend this one and this one, too.

Design updates

Our old coffee table looked great but the mirrored top was always dirty and the edges were so sharp. As someone who cracked her forehead open on a coffee table when she was 3, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the rounded edges of our new one. I initially ordered a light wood but the room started looking a little too brown. So we switched it out for black, and it looks perfect. I love how it stands out against the lighter furniture and rug. The old fireplace marble wasn’t my favorite so we switched it out for something a little more understated. I’m really happy with how it looks! The curtain rods that came with the house don’t look great in person and since we’re planning on staying in this house a few years, I decided it was worth changing them for something I love.

We had the TV mounted and added a console below.

It’s not the most functional (no storage) but it looks SO good. Or at least I think it does. We don’t have cable so there isn’t a need for a cable box. A smart TV, hulu, amazon prime, and netflix works really well for us and saves us a lot of money each month.

Paynes Gray

Noir Coffee Table

I ordered this coffee table in weathered but it didn't work with the rug and sofa, so I switched it out for the same one in black and it looks perfect!
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Dash & Albert

Numa Wool Rug

I've always had jute rugs in my home and ours held up well, but it wasn't soft enough for Margot. I wanted a slightly more formal, cozy look for that room and love how this wool rug looks. It does shed, but doesn't bother me.
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Josh Young

L' exposition Art

My friend Josh made this BEAUTIFUL custom piece with our wedding venue address. It turned out so beautifully! He has a few originals for sale and offers custom, too!
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Circa Lighting

Double Sconce

I love how the fireplace looks but think flanking the fireplace with sconces will make the room feel warmer, so I'm ordering these to flank the fireplace.
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Ballard Designs

Moss Balls

We had a vintage brass bowl and needed something to fill it, so we ordered 6 large and 4 small moss balls. They look good and will be toddler friendly in the future.
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Pottery Barn

Curtain Rods

I ordered these rods in 1.25 inch with really simple, flat finials.
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Cashmere Pillow

I love the contrast of these dark pillows on my white Interior Define x The Everygirl Rose chairs.
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Interior Define

Rose Chair

I have two The Everygirl x Interior Define rose chairs in ivory heavy cloth. The classic style and clean lines bring a really nice traditional element to the room, and they're so comfortable!
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Aperture Mirror

Not the first time I've linked to this mirror but I love it so much, it's such a good deal, and it's on sale!
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Circa Lighting

Cube Accent Lamp

This little guy is so cute! Would be perfect on a shelf, small table, or stack of books.
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Karin Gråbæk Helledie

Living In Style Scandinavia

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Thomas O'Brien


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Crate and Barrel

Iron Console

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Josh Young


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World Market


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And the sunroom.

Half the window treatments were broken and they just weren’t the look we were going for. It’s not really close to done since we just have two chairs (but we finally have something!) in there. Since we don’t have a plan for the whole room just yet, it’s going to be a gradual process. Eventually, we would love to add a bench cushion, pillows (we’re thinking blue!), and possibly a vintage dresser or secretary. We both love mixing vintage in with new and want to have at least one vintage piece in each room.