Our new home is slowly starting to look less like a construction zone and more like a place people might actually live someday. The kitchen is still an empty box, but the bathroom walls are covered in marble subway tile, and the shower has a real floor! Since we’re in the process of redoing both our kitchen and bath, I want to share some bathroom renovation ideas and inspiration with you. See our full home tour and finished bathroom in this post.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

All this planning had us pinning away–looking hex, subway, and mosaic marble. Black, brass, and chrome fixtures. So many decisions to make and ones we’ll live with for a while. Most decisions have been made, and the past few days, we’ve been trying to figure out paint colors and kitchen lighting, too. 

I’m inspired by simple design – think modern meets traditional. The floor we chose is so beautiful – I love the design, and that it feels both modern and timeless. It’s a small space, so we’re going to install a large medicine cabinet. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Bathroom Renovation Ideas



Our Bathroom Renovation

We looked at Marble hex but ultimately, chose something a little more unique for the bathroom flooring. Our bath is very small, so keeping the design simple with an open vanity, made it feel a bit more open. An over sized medicine cabinet made the room appear larger and allowed for extra storage. 

danielle-conor-new-home4 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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It’s so exciting to see this place slowly turn into a home. The bathroom won’t have much storage but with floors like that, who cares? I’m sure I’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates since we’re supposed to move in a few weeks. Wish us luck!

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