Best White Paint Colors

What color are your walls? What white paint do you use? I am asked those questions every week. White paint can be tough and I always recommend putting a swatch up to see how it looks in your home. We use eggshell or semigloss for trim and matte for walls. I want to share the best white paint colors (and the ones we used in our home).

The Best White Paint Colors

Wevet by Farrow and Ball

The white paint in our current home and in our condo is Wevet by Farrow and Ball. It’s the perfect white that isn’t too yellow, with a hint of grey. Farrow and Ball is a splurge but the brand cares a lot about our planet – their paints are safe and eco-friendly. It’s definitely worth it for the right color. When I had a call with Steve Cordony and talked about white paint, he recommended this color. 

Best White Paint Colors

Best White Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

The walls at Anecdote are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. It’s a beautiful, bright, crisp white. Chantilly lace has the slightest bit of yellow undertones, so it reads a little warmer than Wevet. It looks good with everything and is meant to evoke “images of pure silk, soft linen, and simpler times” which, who doesn’t want those things? We used this in our current home (primary bedroom) and really like that it reads a little warmer. That said, I prefer the slightly cooler undertones of Wevet and Decorator’s White.

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Mimi used Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (my other favorite) throughout her home. It has grey undertones and is also on the softer side, so it’s not too stark. We also used this in our home (primary bath) since we wanted to spend less than the cost of Farrow and Ball when we repainted. I love Benjamin Moore – it’s a great brand at a more affordable price point.