The Best Coffee Table Books

So, you know that expression about not judging a book by its cover? Well, when it comes to a beautiful book, that rule doesn’t always apply. I have purchased books after seeing a beautiful cover or spine, but it’s not always easy knowing which ones are worth it. So today, I’m going to share the best coffee table books that are beautiful inside and out. They’re fun to look through, beautiful to display, and always make a great gift.

Best Coffee Table Books for Home Decor

Beautiful coffee table books aren’t just for coffee tables. From shelves to consoles and pretty much any surface, they can be featured anywhere. Coffee table books are seen by everyone and are not only decor or a statement, but they serve as entertainment and inspiration, too. Want to know what designers or styles inspire someone? Check out their coffee table book selection. Here are my favorites that are not only beautiful, but are actually enjoyable to read, too.

Victoria Hagan

Dream Spaces

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Caitlin Flemming

Travel Home

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Lauren Liess


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Kids Play Area with Coffee Table Books

how to style a console table under a TV with coffee table books

Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Hamish Bowles

Vogue Living

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Diane Keaton


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Lee Radziwill


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