How To Warm Up A White Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of those rooms that’s felt sort of finished. It’s fine enough but a bit sterile and incomplete. Since we spend so much of our time (you know, all of it) at home and are gearing up for another cold, isolated winter, it’s been my mission to make our house feel warm, inviting, and complete. Until last week, I could not figure out what I needed to do with our room. It’s full of pieces I love but but lacked warmth. Our current shades are fine but they’re just so boring and don’t add anything. 

An instagram story from Shelby Girard, the VP of Creative and Design at Havenly showed me what was missing. We’ve “known” each other for a while now so I messaged her to thank her for the inspiration, and she kindly shared her curtain and curtain rod sources with me.  Her room is beautiful (see below). I was nervous to show Conor because I thought I’d get an 🙄, but when I showed him her space and the mockup I put together in photoshop, there was no saying no to this one – he was in.  And when I showed Shelby what I came up with, she said she loved it! 🥳

So let’s discuss the design process and how I’m warming up our white bedroom (without adding any color).

The walls, bed, window treatments, and most of our bedding are white. That doesn’t bother me, but I want to add some texture and warmth. 

I’ll add woven blackout shades, likely from Hunter Douglas since that’s what we have in the sunroom and girls’ rooms, and they’re beautiful. Again, a great natural element that adds warmth without adding color. 

New french rods and white curtains. We’ll extend the rod a bit past the windows and behind the bed. Tip: always hang curtains high and wide to make windows feel larger. 

The sconces have to go since they’d be in the way of the curtains, so those will get switched for lamps. I’m not 100% on what lamps we’ll choose, but we already have one of these and might add a second. Will see how it looks once the curtains are up. 

I love our vintage rug but want to add some more texture, so I’m layering a jute underneath. 

I’m going to add some new (blue) pillows to our window seat. We’ll likely have those made at Anecdote. 

I’ve loved that cane bench so we’re going to pick one up at Anecdote and see how it looks under the painting to the left of our bed. 

I might switch out the painting for a large fine art photograph, but have yet to find the right one. 

Serena and Lily


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We added this beautiful duvet to our bed.
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Ballard Designs

French Curtain Hardware

I love this hardware. It's affordable, simple, and timeless.
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Pottery Barn

Belgian Linen Curtains

Making some changes to our bedroom!
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Hunter Douglas

Woven Shades

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Linda's Barn

Vintage Rug

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Serena and Lily

Jute Rug

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This was in the entry of our condo and is currently sitting in the basement. Think it needs to make a comeback.
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  • Thanka for the inspiration. Im trying to.locate the. Ed skirt. Can you provide the company you purchased it from

    1. Hi. It’s actually not a bed skirt. If you scroll down there’s a link to our slipcovered bed. Hope that helps!

  • Yay I’m so excited for you! I absolutely love the idea of making your home a happy, cozy, place where you can feel rested and calm this winter 💕

    1. thank you! I’m excited, too. Looks like we’ll be here for a while so feels good to make it feel cozy.

  • could you please share the source of the bedroom lamps please? i’m hoping since she was willing to share her sources for her rods/hardware, you’d also be able to secure the sources of the lamps? otherwise it’s really tough to visit blogs/look at images without sources 🙁

    1. Hi. Everything’s linked in the post! Just scroll down. 🙂 You can see everything in my home in my shop (under shop my home).

  • This was so helpful! I’ve been painting our bedroom white this week and it had just hit me that the room was looking sterile. I already had rubbed bronze curtain rod, now I’m looking towarss the black nightstands, a black rimmed mirror, and woven roman blinds to warm it up! Thank you!