Buddy had an accident on our beautiful sisal rug which was a little too light for our baby and toddler. I actually ordered our sisal rug one shade darker but this arrived and was so pretty that I kept it. And yes, I see you looking at my white chairs and will get to those in a moment. This room opens into the kitchen so it’s not a formal dining room (do people even use formal dining rooms?), but we wanted a larger table for all the entertaining we never do. We’re having it cleaned and storing it for a future home. But before we started slowly destroying it, I decided to switch it out for a vintage rug and I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Interior design is fun, isn’t it? 

How to Choose a Vintage Rug

Here’s how it all went down. The highest bidder of my Linda’s Barn auction for childhood cancer never made her donation (I followed up and even reached out to the next highest bidder). She is my favorite rug dealer – I love buying vintage, and if you’re looking for a high quality vintage or antique rug, she’s your gal. Anyway! I made a donation and ended up with the credit to Linda’s Barn. This all happened the day Buddy peed all over our rug, so the timing was kind of perfect. Linda generously let me upgrade my rug and has been so kind to our family. She regularly sends the sweetest messages, and she’s helped us fundraise for childhood cancer. Her rugs are beautiful and the prices are fantastic. We love her. 

How to choose a vintage rug online

Vintage rugs are the best rugs for high-traffic areas. Margot spit up a ton as a baby and the vintage rug in her room was hit hard. We had it professionally cleaned a few times and it looks perfect. She had a wool rug for less than a week and it could not be saved. These oushaks are already old, so there’s zero pressure to look brand new.

If you see a rug you love, you don’t want to wait. When I was looking at Linda’s Barn for our bedroom rug, I was torn between two rugs. Her vintage rug shop is amazing! And my decision was made for me when one of my two favorite rugs was purchased. They’re one of a kind and the good ones sell quickly. A pattern looks great under a dining table since most of the pattern is hidden, so the room won’t feel too busy and stains are easily hidden. Most vintage oushaks not only have pattern, but they’re also distressed and were made to survive mealtime with a toddler. 

Vintage area rug sizing and style

Flat weave rugs are perfect for under a dining table. They’re easy for chairs on rollers, and it’s easier to pull out a chair that doesn’t roll vs something with a lot of texture. I’ve noticed a big difference going from the sisal to our oushak. 

The size rug you choose will likely not be typcial since vintage Oushak rugs are not the typical 8×10 that you’re used to. Our rug is hand woven and is 7’2 x 10’8. Take measurements around your table with the chairs pushed in and out. When our chairs are out, they are to the edge of the rug, but still on the rug, which is ideal. Vintage rugs don’t have to be perfect, so I’m probably breaking some design rules, but I think it’s ok if they’re a little smaller than a typical store-bought rug. 

Where to shop for vintage rugs

If you’re looking for a vintage Persian rug in-person, flea markets and antique shops are always a great place to buy a rug. If you’re shopping online, I love Linda’s Barn. Frances Loom, Etsy, and eBay, are amazing resources, too. Search for the following: 

Natural dye rugs
Moroccan Rugs
Vintage Oushak Rugs
Hand Knotted Rugs
Turkish Rugs


The art is an original by William McLure and was above our bed in our condo. It looks so good here, and the copper tones complement the rug perfectly. We had the same light fixture in our bedroom, too. Love these elements together. 


Our dining chairs

Our dining chairs are great – so comfortable and they’re on wheels, so they’re easy to pull in and out, but don’t roll around once you’re sitting down. They are perennial fabric (stain resistant) but they are white, so I have them professionally cleaned every 6 months or so. I’d rather know something is dirty and clean it vs. hiding dirt. The white doesn’t bug me. 

Shop our dining room (and vintage rug)

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Pottery Barn

Farmhouse Table (similar)

Our dining table was custom made by my father in law, but this one is very similar. Ours is 42 x 96.
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Turned Marble Pot

One of my favorite objects at Anecdote.
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Crate and Barrel


I've loved this cabinet for forever and was so excited to get 2 for this space. They're beautiful and gave us some much-needed extra storage.
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Curtains (white)

We have the same curtains in our living room.
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