We’ve all seen those game-changing Amazon finds pop up on social media. But which ones are worth it? I want to share the innovative products that have helped me take my organization to the next level. My favorite Amazon purchases that have made my life easier, so I want to share some of the best products I’ve purchased over the last few years. Prime members take note – these are the best Amazon finds that you need to buy. 


The Best Amazon Finds that Will Make Your Life Easier


Amazon really is the easiest way to do your online shopping and there’s almost nothing you can’t buy. It’s my grocery store – I order groceries for pickup at Whole Foods when I don’t have time to shop. And it’s where I buy most of the things that make our live easier. From the most incredible sales on Amazon prime day to the best viral products, Amazon has it all. And added bonus – it usually arrives pretty quickly. I’ve shared some of my favorite Amazon purchases, but these are the ones that really enhance my life every day. Some of these you’ve probably seen, but I have a few hidden gems you. might not know about. Most have five-star reviews for good reason. You can search Amazon’s best sellers here, and don’t forget Amazon’s internet-famous tab.


Rechargeable Touch Lamps

I initially purchased these for our patio but they ended up becoming one of my favorite home decor items. They come in different colors, are easy to charge, and are a much more affordable version of the expensive Serena and Lily version.
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See how my touch lamps work here

I love these lamps both indoors and out – they would look beautiful on a dining table, too.
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Lazy Susan

I have one of these in the bathroom and another in our refrigerator for sauces and condiments.
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Cotton Bath Mats (Pack of 6)

These have rave reviews for a reason and is one of my favorite affordable Amazon finds. Our bath mats are always needing to be washed and get a lot of wear. It's nice to have so many on hand, and these are so affordable.
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Bath Toy Organizer

This has been the perfect addition to my girls' bathroom and easily stores all their bath toys.
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Silicone Tea Set Bath Toy

Most of these toys are made of food-grade silicone and can be opened up, so they are easy to clean.
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Rolling Cart

I was having such a hard time with this small space and these carts completely transformed it. I have one on each side and store all our detergent and extra cleaning supplies, too.
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Popup Laundry Basket

We always had hampers sitting outside our laundry machine and it drove me a little crazy, but there wasn't anywhere to put them. These have been a game changer – I fold them up and hang them on an adhesive hook on the door.
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See how I transformed our laundry closet

We don't have a laundry room and these items helped make this closet functional.
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Retractable iPhone Chargers

This phone charger will leave your home or car a lot more organized.
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Thin Wall Charger

This is one of the best things I've purchased, because I was just so tired of power strips in our living room and next to our beds. it's great for tight spaces, too. It has dual USB ports and dual USB C ports, too.
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Label Maker

Take your organization to the next level with this best-selling label maker.
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Our Under Sink Organizer

You have to see this before and after!
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See how I used our magic light bulbs

I didn't want to hard-wire sconces in the playroom, so these were the perfect solution – it's a great solution for renters!
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Little Green Hydrosteam Cleaner

This is the best portable carpet cleaner – it has saved 2 rugs, our outdoor furniture, and living room sofa.
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See how this machine saved my girls' rug

It's so easy to use and has saved multiple rugs and pieces of furniture in our home.
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Cordless Vacuum

I had the Dyson vacuum and it was horrible – it lost suction so fast. But this one is amazing! It has a high price tag, but it's well owrth it. And the best part is the flex feature that allows it to go under furniture.
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Mini Projector

This best seller is tiny and does a great job – so if you're looking for a fun way to watch movies indoors or out, this is it.
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White Noise Machine

We have this white noise machine in our kids rooms and in our room too. I get much better sleep with it on - it is the best one we've tried by far.
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Refrigerator Drink Organizer

I can't say enough good things about this one – it took our mini fridge to the next level.
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See how my drink organizer works

Grabbing a drink out of our mini fridge couldn't be more satisfying.
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Ice Roller

This always makes me feel refreshed and is great for fine lines, too.
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Water Bottle Organizer

Before I bought this organizer, our water bottles were jammed into a cabinet, and it felt so messy. If you appreciate an organized cabinet, you'll love this one.
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Ninja Creami Deluxe

I use this so much that is has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter – I've been on a sorbet kick, and no blender would ever get you this kind of consistency. After doing some research, I decided on the deluxe version and am so glad I did. It's amazing!
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