2022 Goals and Intentions

When one year ends and a new one begins, I find myself reflecting on the last year, and thinking of what’s to come. About how things changed, how I changed, and what I accomplished. What I hope to accomplish. I usually make a list of attainable goals (not resolutions – I swear there’s a difference) for the new year. I didn’t meet a bunch of resolutions in 2021, but that’s probably because I didn’t make them. And even if I had, what would they mean if I didn’t spend my days doing what feels right? What if, instead of looking at what I didn’t do and making a huge list of goals that don’t mean anything, I looked at what I did do last year? Here are my goals and intentions for the new year. 


2022 Goals and Intentions


I can’t help but think about why we always focus on doing more and being better than we were the year before. What would it look like to skip the big and seemingly unattainable resolutions? What if we shifted our perspective and thought about what didn’t work for us last year? On slowing down, doing less, and letting go of the habits and even people that aren’t good for us.

This year won’t be better because you read a certain number of books or worked out a set number of times each week.

Be intentional with your time because a new year is a reminder that time is not infinite. How do you want to spend your days? Reach for a book instead of mindless scrolling before bed. If that feels good, you’ll finish your book and move on to a new one. Maybe it will lead to less screen time, quiet moments, meditation, or taking a warm bath before bed. Start with something that helps you disconnect from the noise, but focus on the present and not about doing something a set number of times over the course of 365 days.

None of that matters. 

My girls are growing up, and I don’t want to miss the simple moments. I don’t want to waste my moments and hours on things that don’t bring joy. The days, weeks, and months will continue to pass us by. How do I want to spend those moments? Scrolling instagram? Reading? Taking up a new hobby? Fundraising?

Who and what am I passionate about? What matters to me? What matters to you? 

Social media has the power to take hours from our lives each week. If you spend just 30 min scrolling every day, that’s 90 hours per year. DAYS of your life that you can’t get back, scrolling through things that probably don’t matter. 

I’m not suggesting that you skip goal-setting. Goals are a good thing! But going into something you want to do by setting an intention with purpose makes it more meaningful. Scroll less. Be mindful of when and why you scroll. Pay attention to who you follow and how they make you feel. Unfollow people that don’t bring joy to your life. 

Sometimes, a big change is necessary.

I am a few days into a two month paleo challenge. It feels good to prepare clean, healthy meals, but this healthy reset won’t make or break my year. In 2021, I learned to slow down and set boundaries. Less scrolling and more living in the moment. I survived a pandemic and cancer treatment. I found a new therapist and went on anxiety medication. Yes, I organized my fridge and it felt great, but not nearly as good as feeling less anxious. I stopped letting my mom’s words get to me the way they once did. And I learned to accept who people are, and to stop letting in the ones that hurt me. I walked away from a job that was no longer good for me and in stepping down, found happiness. More joy. Less stress. 

We can always find more to chase. Look better, make more money, read more books, do more, see more, etc. But sometimes, it’s the moments of “less” that help us find our peace. So this year, think less about the things that you want to do, and more about who you want to be. How you want to spend your time, and what really matters. 

Let’s make 2022 the year that we prioritize the things that matter.