Weekend Reading: 8.6.22

Life without treatment feels pretty incredible. Margot took her last dose two weeks ago, and I’m doing better than I imagined. We’re easing into normalcy – seeing friends, hanging out at the pool and dining out (although that’s always outdoors). And we’re trying to get things done at the house, although some basement flooding derailed things, so the focus has been tearing the basement up. But it feels good to be in our new home, and to live again. And now, time for some weekend reading: 8.6.22.

Weekend Reading: 8.6.22

Our friends came over for dinner last weekend and we went to the pool (with friends!) and out to breakfast. I spent the afternoon at the pool with friends yesterday. We’re headed to the pool again today and are seeing Conor’s cousin tonight. And we’re seeing another cousin and her kids tomorrow. I’m taking the girls to a friend’s house Tuesday, going to lunch with our old nanny next week, and Rebecca is coming over next weekend. Now process that there were 6 month periods where I did not see friends last winter. Life feels full and I love seeing my girls interact with old and new friends. It’s the best. 

How the girls are doing

The girls are so happy, and we’re just in a really good place with them. Four is such a magical age. Margot is a kid – she’s so much fun and says (and does) the funniest things. She’s my little buddy and is so sweet with her little sister. And she’s so, so social, making friends wherever she goes. It’s pretty incredible. 

Kate is very much a toddler and has her toddler moments, but she’s so funny. I’ll say “who wants to go outside!” or suggest something else and she’ll excitedly say “I don’t!” and she wants to do everything herself but cannot so that’s fun. I get a lot of “love you fuh-evah” and “I love you mommy.” Whenever I’m busy I’ll tell her I’ll hold her in a minute, so she’ll say “hold you minute” any time she wants me to hold her.

How I’m doing

I expected EOT to hit hard, because that’s common. And I’m not sure what it is, but that hasn’t happened yet. I know I have a lot to work through, but I’m honestly just grateful – happy to be here. Happy for what life looks like now, and that after 2.5 years, we’re done. I was ready to be done. 

Weekend Reading: 8.6.22

Kate is wearing this dress from a small, women-owned brand. 

Where I’m at with masking

A few people have asked where I’m at with masks, so I’d like to share in case I might be able to help someone. I was sure it would be a really difficult, anxiety-inducing transition, but it’s been pretty good. I asked everyone to test before the girls’ birthday party but did not require masks indoors after testing. We are seeing friends unmasked because that feels worth it. After spending 2.5 years not living, it’s time to live. We masked at the indoor zoo attractions and at Trader Joe’s – basically in most public indoor settings. I went to pilates and the reformer machines were very spaced out, so I took my mask off. That was a big, big step! Masking is so easy and feels safer when there are people I don’t know around me.


I cannot believe we’re traveling next month! I talked about this at length with our oncology team and they assured me that it’s ok to go. They even offered (but did not require) a set of labs before we leave, so we’ll do that, too. 

Travel toys

I’ve been stocking up on travel toys and will write a post on what I’m packing, but want to share a few quick gems here. 

These are small and perfect for travel. 
This is 40% off. Margot loves these things, and I think this play set will be a hit.
I think both girls will love this set.
We have an older version of this and Kate is obsessed with it right now.

House updates

I’ll write a more in-depth post soon, but lighting is up, more rugs have arrived, the girls’ closets are done, and Kate’s window treatments went up last week. Margot’s shades are getting installed on Thursday! I’m excited to make progress on her room. Our bedroom curtains should be installed early September, and we’re going to figure out bedding, a dresser, and some art and accessories. I really want this bed

What I’m watching

We started watching Uncoupled on Netflix and it’s not amazing but it’s cute. I love NPH (who doesn’t?) and needed a new show, so it’s working for me. 

Where I’m at with work

I’m spending most of the day with the girls, but am still working, just less than usual. Most of my work hours happen during Kate’s nap (12:30-2:30/3) and at night. I’ll get to work for an hour or two some mornings, too. Still, I’m really slowing down and just enjoying this time, and plan on taking half of September off. But for now, I’m back to work and published a few posts this week. Check out the summer edit, Halloween costumes for babies and kids (yes it’s too early), Margot’s EOT celebration, our pink dinosaur birthday party, and my August desktop backgrounds


I ordered one of my favorite childhood toys and it’s a hit with Margot. It’s been so fun doing this with her. 

Minnow just launched their new late summer collection! I got this dress for Margot and this matching set for Kate. 

I finally caved and bought this bag for our pool toys and gear. 

These PJs are on sale! Here’s another option, and they’re 40% off!

Another Minnie sweatshirt (40% off)