On My Mind This Week: 1.4.22


On My Mind This Week: 1.4.22


Our nanny is off for one more week, so we’re spending time with the girls and getting work done when we can.

We each take the girls for an hour or two while the other one works and/or works out, and we have Kate’s 2 hour afternoon nap to get things done, too. I tried something new today that got me 20 minutes of work time while I was with the girls: I sat on the floor with my laptop while they played. Groundbreaking, right? You’re either like “um duh, how have you not done that?” or this is magically working today but will never work again. I never even bother because between toy grabbing and climbing all over me, it’s better to actually play with them.

We have been spending a lot of time in here.

Being on our own with the girls feels so different now than it did March 2020 – April 2021. Kate is a wild one and if I turn my back for a second she’s standing on a table. Her fearlessness is a little scary but it’s also fun. Margot has always been pretty cautious and Kate is…not. Every 5 seconds she shouts “MOM!” and is climbing me or clinging to my leg. She’s the sweetest.

There’s been a lot of computer time after 7PM since it’s sort of impossible to do what I need to do during the day.

I have a ton of blog post ideas (thanks to all of you on instagram!) and very little time, so that’s been fun.

I also have a sponsored post to shoot and product collaboration launching this week. You can see a peek at the collab in the photo above. So excited about it.

I’ve been wearing this and this on repeat. They are my”I feel put together sweatshirts.” 

Today marks day 4 of paleo and it feels really good to eat fresh, healthy ingredients again.

I needed to get into a healthier routine and this was the motivation I needed. If there’s something I’m craving, This isn’t a crash diet – it is a shift in what I put into my body, and I do whatever I want for one meal a week, so if I’m craving something, I can still have it. You can learn more about paleo here, and I’ll have a more in-depth post up in the next week or two.

I did the Peloton yesterday and a pilates workout on the mirror today.

Working out at home isn’t my favorite thing, but studio workouts aren’t happening right now, so I need to make it work. 

Last night, I messaged my friend Katie to find out what dates she might free for a big end of treatment party this summer. Katie is a wedding photographer (she photographed our wedding) and summers are always really busy for her. Her boys are so close in age to my girls, and her son was Margot’s first friend. I can’t celebrate the end of treatment without her family and they already have most of their Saturdays booked up, so I just wanted to know if/when she could be there. And we chose a date!

Kate Margot in the snow

We played outside in the snow with the girls for the first time this week.

Last winter, Kate was just 6 months old. It was then that I realized I didn’t have any snow-friendly gloves, so I ordered these in black. And now it’s literally freezing (“felt like” zero today). I brought our climber out and Kate was so into it. She climbed up and down the ladder and rock wall, and loved the slide!

During summer, we had our cleaning ladies return (masked) every other week.

I am all for outsourcing what you are able, and it was so nice to have some help with the house. It was so nice to get a good deep clean it, but I was still always cleaning. When this new variant hit we decided to pause, and at this point, it feels manageable. I do all the laundry (Conor does his own), and steam the floors a few times a week anyway. I run our robot vacuum on our first floor daily, and decided to buy another one for the second floor to make life a little easier. 

…annnnd I’m done. Kate is climbing all over me. That was short-lived but I’ll take it.