Yesterday was rainy and today was cloudy, and it’s been nice to slow down a little bit this weekend. It’s been a big week and really, a big month since finishing treatment. So I’ve been in cozy, slow-down, organize the house mode, and made some major progress. One of my best friends is coming to visit this week and quite a few rooms are empty or torn up, so I’m controlling what I can. My sister flies in a few days later, and then we leave for Italy with the girls. I cannot believe how many plans we have right now. After years of doing nothing, it’s pretty surreal to be living like this. I have some updates on the nanny search, recent purchases, travel prep, and what we’ve been up to lately. 

Weekend Reading, 8.21.22: Life Lately, Links, and The Nanny Search


Organization and House Updates

Do you ever have that sudden urge to organize everything in your home? That’s me right now. So much is out of my control. The torn up family room, bathroom, and office are going to be that way for a while, so I’m controlling what I can. I went through every kitchen cabinet and it already feels so much better in here. Yes, we just moved, but I didn’t have time to really figure out what went where, and we’re short on a playroom and lost our two big dining cabinets, so I needed to implement a better storage system. And I did. It feels great. 

Our dining room looks like a real room now! We found an antique table at auction (at Hindman). The room is way too white (even for me) so I’m on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper. 

The guest room is looking pretty good, so I’ll share a peek this week! 

Recent purchases

I ordered a new bed! Our bedroom is very white and you know I love white, but it needed something. Our current bed just isn’t doing it for me so I bought the bed I had been talking about since we first saw this house. And it should be here in a few weeks!

In my travel prep, I realized we had 2 carry-ons and need a 3rd, so I ordered a new carry-on spinner. We’re planning on keeping a few essentials for each of us in case we have any issues with our checked luggage. I’ve loved this carry-on for years but wasn’t exactly going anywhere. And with two trips (and my birthday) coming up, this felt like the time to splurge. I happen to have the matching weekender, too.

I just got this for Margot and this for Kate

See this week’s top sellers here

The nanny search 

I’m nervous to share this because it feels too good to be true. The search was a struggle! But she said yes and asked for a contract, so it feels real. After the craziest few months without our nanny (who left because she had a baby), we found someone that we’re really excited about. I needed that vibe that I had with Jessica – she felt comfortable and warm, like an old friend. I tried two agencies, Facebook groups, and even and nothing for a while. Ultimately, I found a recommendation for a nanny from a mom in a Facebook group. She wrote a post about their nanny that they outgrew, and a referral was what I hoped for. We found someone wonderful who I can see being part of our family and she starts right when we get back from Italy. 

I am so excited to get into a real work/workout/solo time with both girls groove. Both girls have part-time preschool, but we’ll have playdates and classes, and someone to help get things done, and care for them, too. 

Work updates

A few months ago, I talked about a new business idea that I was excited about. I’d still like to do it someday, but I’ve decided to hit pause for now. Life was so upside down for so long, and now is not the time to make things harder. I’d like to get into a groove with work, the girls, the house, having childcare again, and regroup.

I’ve talked a lot about SEO, and have since learned a bit more, and am making more updates to old content. There’s been less new content recently, but I doubled my organic traffic, which is the most important thing when it comes to running a blog or website. Sure, I can post on social and direct people to me, but the goal is for someone to search a phrase, like gifts for 1 year old, and for my site to come up. And it does. I have over 650 posts, so I’m optimizing the ones that are highly searchable, and it’s already making a difference. 

It’s been so nice to really focus on the girls, and to work during nap time and at night, but it’s not really sustainable. I’m at the computer until midnight, and I’m tired, so it will be really nice to have a little more normalcy. And I’m excited for my one-on-one time with both girls, too. 


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