It’s no secret that I love a spotless home, so I want to talk about how I keep my home clean day-to-day. I have been wary of chemicals for as long as I can remember, so I am especially excited to partner with J.R. Watkins–one of my favorite home-care and beauty brands–to talk about how I keep my home clean, naturally.

Keeping My Home Clean with J.R. Watkins

So many brands are going natural but I love J.R. Watkins because they’ve been that way since they got their start back in the 1800s! Cruelty free, natural, and branding pretty enough that you’ll want to leave their products out which will inspire you to actually clean up. Brilliant.

I love good branding, guys.

When it comes to tidying up, the best advice I can give you is to pick 2-3 things to focus on for about 5 minutes each day. I do this quickly before bed because I love waking up to a clean home. I never said I was cool.

This all makes a larger clean-up–which I save about 30 minutes for, usually on weekends–much easier. It’s amazing what you can get done in 5 minutes! I’ll wipe down the kitchen and bathroom counters or fold laundry, which leaves one less thing to do the next day.

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help keep your home clean throughout the week

Make Your Bed

I make my bed every single day without fail and can probably count on my hand the number of times I haven’t made it in the last 5-7 years. This one step will completely transform your bedroom. Just do it.

Do Your Dishes

And while you’re at it, clean your sink(s)! Dirty dishes and counters are one way to make your home feel really dirty. I try to do my dishes as I used them but there are those days when I’ll let them sit in the sink for the afternoon.

I rarely go to bed with a sink full of dishes. Ever.

Bust out your favorite dish soap–in this case, J.R. Watkins lemon dish soap–and get it done. It’s pretty enough to leave out which might serve as inspiration or a reminder to clean up.

Fold your clothes

Put your laundry away and put the 3 tops you tried on but decided not to wear back in the closet instead of tossing them on your bed or chair.

Keep surfaces clean

Kitchen and bathroom counters, mirrors, and anything generally shiny (hello, lacquer media console) that accumulates fingerprints and dust.

Every few days, spray a little all purpose cleaner and wipe those surfaces down a few times each week or as needed. I also keep these wipes in my kitchen but ran out a few days before shooting! They’re so handy for spills and quick touch-ups in the kitchen and bath. Trust me–it makes a huge difference.

Sort your mail

Don’t let piles of mail take over your counters or coffee table. Toss junk mail immediately, file bills away, and pay them once a week. And while you’re at it, consider setting up autopay. It’s easier and is environment friendly, too.

Clean your floors

I keep a microfiber sweeper (with washable cover) in my entry closet and do a quick once-through at least twice a week. Those dust bunnies tend to pile up and a microfiber does the trick when you don’t feel like vacuuming. If you have carpet, just imagine all the dust you can’t see and commit to vacuuming at least once a week.

Get rid of bathroom clutter

Go through your beauty products and get rid of the ones you haven’t used in months, and take the products sitting out on your countertops and put them away. Find a good storage solution for your hair dryer and other gadgets (I use a basket under the sink).

I always make sure I have a pretty soap, lotion, and room freshener out for us and for guests, too.

Do the same with your shampoo and body wash. I used to have all these half-used bottles sitting around so I put the rest away and won’t pull a new set out until the last has been used.

This post was sponsored by J.R. Watkins. All opinions are my own.