If you love organization like I do, this post is for you. As anxious person who likes a sense of control when things feel crazy, this is what I do. I feel a sense of peace knowing where things are. And I love a project. Since I’m home with a new baby and my house is a little upside down, I’m controlling what I can by tackling our closets. And The Container Store is one of my favorite places to find the products I need to organize my home and life. I love that I can place online orders with a same-day pickup (curbside is the best, isn’t it?). I’ve found some of the best products for our home and want to share my favorites with you. 


The Best Products You Can Buy at The Container Store Sale


From a variety of custom closet systems to organization products, The Container Store is my favorite place to go for organization products. Free design services, professional organizing, and everything you’ll need for your junk drawer, it is one of my happy places. The product collections are as good as it gets (if you love organizing the way I do). But even if you don’t, there’s something for everyone. There was a time when I considered going into professional organizing – I actually enjoy it. This post is not sponsored and was not written in partnership with The Container Store, but if you use my links, I will receive an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. 

The container store is the only retailer in the United States that causes me to feel a sense of peace when I walk inside. The various lifestyle sections will have your home feeling better than ever – it always leaves me feeling inspired. From TCS closets to everything for your kitchen and even a craft room, it is my happy place (I’m a virgo). Check out their free in-home design service, too. 


Farmhouse Boxes

There are a handful of these in the kids' closets. I like having them for off-season clothes and pajamas, and they're a nice way to store baby wipes and other baby essentials that you don't want sitting in a box on the floor.
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Lined Basket

I have these baskets on lower shelves for my girls – I keep their socks and underwear inside, so they're easy to grab, and the liner mean they don't shed on clothes, although these baskets don't shed at all. I love them!
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Clear Storage Box

I use these bins to store legos, art supplies, beads, LEGO, and other tiny things in the kids' playroom.
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Clear Storage Bins with Handles

These bins are great for keeping toys organized by type. I use them for Little People, play food, blocks, and figurines. Bonus: they're easy to carry around, too.
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Container Store

Art Bin

I originally got these for each of the girls but ended up using them for specific crafts. We have one dedicated to paint and the other has all their small sensory toys that they use with dough.
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Cane Basket

This is the little basket I keep on the kitchen counter where I put little things that don't have a home. It's so pretty!
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Wire Basket

I love these baskets – they are not great for smaller items, but I just love how they look, and they're perfect for coloring books, stickers, and other toys.
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Trellis Basket

I clearly have a thing for baskets, and these are so pretty.
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Water Hyacinth Bin

Ok, so these do shed, but I still love them. They're just an elevated way to organize a closet – I have them on shelves to keep things tucked away.
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Eco-Friendly Wood Hangers

Want to elevate your closet? Wood hangers aren't space-savers, but they look good.
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No Slip Velvet Kids Hangers

I use these hangers for my kids. They do save space, and they're velvet, so tiny clothes never fall off.
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Tote Hanger

These hooks are great for totes, backpacks, belts, and purses.
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Bamboo Drawer Dividers

My kids have plastic dividers in their drawers and they do the trick, but I wanted something that looked like it was a part of my dresser.
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Lazy Susan

I have one of these in our fridge and another one in my bathroom. This is the perfect way to organize beauty products by type.
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Open Front Stacking Bin

I don't have this one, but I've seen it in person and really like it.
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Wood Stacking Bins

This is another one I don't own, but it's so well-made and functional.
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Sports Storage Rack

I got this for our garage and it's the perfect spot for helmets, balls, and rackets.
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Garage Shelves

We have two of these in our garage. Features include commercial-quality construction and four easily adjustable, ventilated wire shelves with quick, no-tools assembly. It's so versatile that you'll want several for your home.
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