What I Wear Every Day

Someone recently messaged me about my “maternity style” which I haven’t quite figured out because I’m still in a slightly awkward stage where I only look pregnant in leggings and look like I ate a whole sheet cake in jeans. Even though I haven’t quite nailed down what my outfits might look like the next few months, I do know what I like, and wanted to share some of my favorite go-to pieces.

And just to prove a point, you can see that my style doesn’t vary too much considering I wore the same thing to two shoots.

I’m wearing this top in both photos. It’s so flattering (you can’t see my bump in in the first one) and is on sale for $89!

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  • How sheer is the white blouse? Love the look, just hesitant about something white and being see-through. Also how do you feel it runs? Based on the size chart I’m a small, bu then it says the model is wearing a small so maybe I should size up to get the relaxed fit?

  • Those Storq pants look like game changers. I’m barely 10 weeks pregnant and already feeling like my regular pants are too tight and the pressure on my already nauseated tummy is too much. Do you like the thickness/structure of the pants? Thinking to bite the bullet and purchase them. Canadian dollar makes them $$ but they look amazing!!