We were sure we were going to stop at two kids. However, after my second was born, I could not shake the desire for a third. But let us not forget that I turned 38 a few months after she was born, so a third baby didn’t feel too realistic. That said here i am, 40 and a few months away from expecting my third. Since we lived in a small house, I ended up selling and donating a lot of our baby stuff. But I held on to some of my favorite baby essentials…just in case. I found myself needing a car seat, clothes, and of course, all the things that get a little gross like bibs and burp cloths. There are a few things on my “if we need them we’ll get them after he’s here” list which I’ll include below. 


What I’m Buying for My Third Baby


As I have said, I kept some essentials. We still have a play gym, baby bath, bouncer seat, and my favorite newborn carrier to name a few. As a result of having a small home and feeling sort of done, I did not really hold on to newborn clothes (I blame the spit up), and either sold or passed on our car seat. And of course, there are the things you buy again like pacifiers, bottles, bibs, and burp cloths. Here’s the list of everything I bought or plan on buying in the coming months for our third baby, and a few things I would consider if we need them after he’s here.  


Doona Car Seat

At this point in our lives, it’s rare that we use a stroller. My girls turn 3 and 5 just months after their baby brother arrives, and in an effort to keep things simple the Doona seems perfect for us. I cannot really imagine going out with three kids and having to grab the stroller, open it, and attach the car seat. This solves all those problems, and I’ve heard from dozens of moms who swear by it. Given that I did not keep our infant car seat, this seemed like the best option for our family. 

On-The-Go Bottle Warmer

I have not purchased this bottle warmer yet because I want to see what bottles we like so I won’t end up with a bunch of different attachments. I’m not sure if that’s even practical because it can take a while to see what works for you, but I plan on cozying up at home with the little guy those first few weeks anyway. I’ll report back.

Pouch and Changing Pad

I have already purchased these and started using the pouch in my tote bag. As someone who has zero plans to buy a diaper bag, this pouch will be great for baby’s essentials. I have the clip on bag for the Doone and will carry a tote, which is more than enough space for me. That said, this is the most beautiful diaper bag/tote I have ever seen. 

White Noise Machine

We have two of these but my girls use theirs nightly, so I’ll need a third. I tried the hatch and preferred this. 

Bouncer Cover

Our bouncer was in not one but two gross basements for years. So for that reason, I ended up getting a new cover, and love this blue one. It’s already set up in our living room! 


I have 4 pacifiers (from 3 different brands) and plan on seeing what he prefers before stocking up. BIBS are the cutest so I had to try them, and I love those little wubbanubs. Although I can actually attach the stuffed bear to most pacifiers, so that’s fine. I got one of these to try, too. 


I kept his outfits pretty simple – lots of cozy basics. A few zip-up pieces, gowns (love those for nighttime) and two piece sets. The knit sweater is his one knit piece for now and was too cute to pass up, but I’m skipping the real outfits since babies never wear them. 

Kissy Kissy


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Green Sprouts

Burp Cloths

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Bibs and Burp Cloths

My girls spit up a lot. As a result, our bibs and burp clothes just too gross to pass on. But in an effort to simplify, I have a handful of bibs and a few burp cloths and will order more if we need them. 

My “I’ll buy it if we need it (after he arrives)” list

Baby Swing/Rocker

This swing looks amazing, so much that I am tempted to order it before baby arrives. I love that it has a small footprint, reclines, and will keep him moving when I need to set him down. And it appears that it’s easy to move from room-to-room, like my beloved bouncer. 

Snoo Bassinet Rental

Even though I used (and loved) the SNOO with my girls, I have not yet set up a rental. It is certainly likely that I will rent it again, but I want to wait and see. After all, as a third-time mom, my mentality is so different. At the present time, I feel oddly chill about all the baby “stuff.” Despite the fact that I’m due in less than 3 months, I don’t feel this intense need to be “ready.” Maybe it’s because our family room is empty and unfinished? Or maybe it’s because I know we have the basics, and that babies don’t need much. I’m not rushing to get his room done and know I’ll figure things out during the first few months. So we’ll see how he sleeps and take it from there. 


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