Toys are an essential part of childhood. They foster creativity, imagination, and play. And they can completely take over your home. I don’t care who you are or if you swore you’d never buy those big plastic toys. They will get you. Every parent knows the struggle of managing the influx of toys that seem to multiply overnight. From blocks and toy cars to dolls and figurines, the accumulation can become overwhelming. Enter the world of toy storage solutions – where organization meets practicality, creating spaces that are both functional and fun. I’m going to share some toy storage ideas to help you get a handle on your kids many, many toys. 


The Best Toy Storage Ideas for a Kids Play Room


toy storage ideas

toy storage ideas

toy storage ideas

toy storage ideas

Keeping your children’s toys organized can feel like one of the biggest challenges of parenthood. We’ve all made purchases we’ve eventually regretted – for me, usually in the form of a dollhouse or castle from a cartoon or movie. If you’re ready to reclaim a tidy home and to declutter all the extra “stuff.”

I set up a toy closet in my kids’ playroom, and want to share our storage space and creative ideas to help you master the art of toy organization, declutter your space, and reclaim your sanity. Here are my favorite toy storage ideas for an organized home. The toys Jack can safely play with are on the lower shelves. I put things the girls can have access to that are still safe for Jack at their level, and tiny toys are up high. 


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Start by assessing your needs

Before you run out and buy a bunch of plastic bins and toy storage baskets, take stock of your situation. Assess the types of toys your child has, their ages, and interests. Consider the available space in your home – whether it’s a dedicated play space, a corner of the living room, or their bedroom. Understanding your needs and limitations will guide your storage decisions.


toy storage ideas


Declutter the extra “stuff”

The way you do this will depend on your kids’ personalities and ages. My kids forget about the toys that they lose interest in, so I was able to donate the Encanto house after they stopped playing with it. Sort through toys with (or without) your child and identify items that are broken, unused, or no longer age-appropriate. Look at duplicates. How many craft supplies or trucks do you need? Consider donating gently used toys to charity or passing them along to friends or family members. By reducing the toy inventory, you’ll create a more manageable collection to organize.



Figure out the best toy storage ideas for your home

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to choose storage solutions that work for your space and lifestyle. This is where the fun begins. I like to keep most of my kids’ toys in the playroom or their bedrooms, but do have kids toys throughout our home, too. I want them to have a place to play and something fun to do in the rooms they use most. 

They have a cabinet of toys and art supplies and an art table in the kitchen. There’s a basket of baby toys and an activity center in there, too. And finally, I have a few baskets of toys in the family room. That’s a great place for Magnatiles, duplo, or building blocks.

Bins and Baskets

Ideal for quick cleanup, plastic bins and wicker baskets come in various sizes and materials and are easily my favorite way give kids easy access to their toys. These are a great way to keep toys organized by type, too. Label them with pictures or words to help young children identify where toys belong. Or if you’re not a labeler, keep toys in clear bins so your kids can see what’s inside. You’d think I would be a labeler but I never make it that far. 


Shelving Units

Install open shelves to display toys or use them to store bins and baskets. Open shelving is ideal since everything’s in plain sight. Adjustable shelves offer flexibility as your child’s toy collection evolves. Add clear bins with handles and you’re setting your kids up for independent play. We hired a closet company for this space but our last playroom had IKEA shelves, and they were great, too.

Wall Organizers

Hang wall-mounted hooks or shelves to store small toys, art supplies, or books. They’re perfect for keeping frequently used items within reach. I love our wall hooks and storage totes – this was a fun way to take advantage of vertical space, which is especially important for small spaces. 


How to keep the clutter at bay

Rotating Toys

This feels like too much work for me, but I will rotate where the toys are within our home. I have our o prevent toy overload and keep playtime fresh, consider implementing a toy rotation system. Store some toys out of sight and periodically swap them with the toys in use. Rotating toys not only reduces clutter but also rekindles your child’s interest in forgotten favorites.

Put things away

Teach your child the importance of tidying up by involving them in the organization process. Does it always work? No, of course not. I do end up cleaning up the playroom pretty regularly, but we try to keep things where they belong, which makes things easier to find. Start them young, make a game of it, and set clear expectations for cleaning up after playtime. 


Wire Basket

I love these baskets – they are not great for smaller items, but I just love how they look, and they're perfect for coloring books, stickers, and other toys.
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Striped Bin

I really like these bins for kids' toys - they are practical, easy to carry, and cute, too.
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Lazy Susan with Removable Bins

This is such an easy (and organized) way to give your kids access to art supplies.
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Clear Storage Box

I use these bins to store legos, art supplies, beads, LEGO, and other small pieces in the kids' playroom.
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Clear Storage Bins with Handles

These bins are great for keeping toys organized by type. I use them for Little People, play food, blocks, and figurines. Bonus: they're easy to carry around, too.
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Container Store

Art Bin

I originally got these for each of the girls but ended up using them for specific crafts. We have one dedicated to paint and the other has all their small sensory toys that they use with dough.
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Made Trade

Wall Rack

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Connected Goods

Floor Storage Basket

I love these baskets because they are beautiful enough to fit into your living space. These really are the best way to store some of your kids most-used toys.
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Connected Goods

Bolga Basket

These are great for smaller toys since the kids can easily carry them around the house. I use them for figurines and tonies.
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Crate and Kids

Montessori Shelf

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Pottery Barn Kids

Activity Table Carts

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