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Bath toys are one of those things you probably haven’t given much thought to. How important are they? And does the type of bath toy you purchase matter? After finding mold growth as a first time mom years ago, I would argue that an easy-to-clean bath toy is a must. And fun bath toys are essential for babies toddlers because they’ll keep them happy and entertained during bath time. They’re great for little kids, too. My girls are 3 and 5, and love playing pretend in the bath. Make bath time fun with favorite bath toys and water play toys. And bonus: They are easy to keep clean! 


The Best Sensory and Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers


As a mom of three who’s had some experience with bath time, I have found that silicone bath toys the most durable toys. And they are great for the bath and sensory play. Use them with shaving cream, water, kinetic sand, or even mud. The smooth surface is ideal for easy cleaning – just use warm water and soap. My kids always have so much fun in the bath – it’s the perfect time for lots of imaginative play. I’ve found that toys that allow them to be creative are best and keep them happy and engaged. And at the end of the day, the last thing you want is for bath time to be stressful, or to have dirty, moldy toys in your kids’ little hands. 


Bathtime essentials

Bath Toy Organizer

I found an easy storage solution that's cute and practical – the bucket has holes, so excess water goes down to a removeable and washable tray.
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Our Favorite Bath Toys


Silicone Tea Set

My girls have the best time with this tea set which never seems to get old. The pieces are perfectly sized for small hands, and tea parties are so much more fun when you can actually pour water into your tea cups.
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Marlowe & Co.

Silicone Makeup Set

This is a great set – I just bought it for my girls for Easter.
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Stacking Boats

These are simple but fun, and great for babies and toddlers.
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Tikiri Toys

Rubber Dolphin

Tikiri Toys makes some of the best baby bath toys for younger babies. They are organic and don't hold water, so they stay mold free.
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Suction Toys

These little squigz come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors, and are great for hand-eye coordination. They have suction cups that stick together (and to the bath) with a little pressure.
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Floating Animal Island

Another easy to clean bath toy that will keep toddlers and preschoolers happy and busy.
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The Best Apps for Toddlers and Little Kids

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