Another month has come and gone. I’ve done more cleaning and organizing, and as a result, purchased a few organizing essentials. After a year of not organizing anything, it feels so good to get rid of what we don’t need and to find a place for everything. I’ve become a bit of a basket collector but have implemented what feels like a great little system for the girls toys. With the warm weather, I picked up a few basics for myself and the girls, too. These days are so short-lived and I just want to wear flowy dresses every day. Here’s are my recent purchases: what I bought in June.

Recent Purchases: What I Bought in June

Recent Purchases: What I Bought in June


Black Dress

My most-worn dress lately - budget-friendly, comfortable, and baby-proof since it's black.
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Tory Burch

Smocked Dress

I bought this on *major* sale and it sold out, but is available full-price in navy.
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Jenni Kayne

Summer Dress

I got this one in navy
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Eyelet Tank

I know black isn't the most summery but it's great when I'm with the girls since they always have their grubby little hands all over me.
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Floral Dress

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Bamboo Drawer Dividers

I just upgraded my plastic dividers to bamboo and my dresser has never looked better.
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Mermaid Sticker Book

Margot loves these sticker books so I ordered a few more. Great rainy day activity.
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Lulu & Roo

Striped Peplum Top

Love this brand - bought a few coordinating basics for the girls
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Petite Plume

Dessert Pajamas

I got these for both of the girls for their birthdays.
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Wearable Blanket

We've had our AC blasting so I bought a new all-season wearable blanket (she only had a summer weight one in her size).
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Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

This rainbow is $30 and much smaller then most inflatable sprinkler toys
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Booster Seat

My friend brought this over for her 1.5 year old when we had dinner on our patio and I ordered it that night. It's perfect indoors or out, at a chair or on the floor.
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