Postpartum Recovery and the Essentials I Relied On

When I was pregnant, I very nervously drilled my friends on the ins and outs of labor. I expected the epidural to be painful, assumed there was no way I wouldn’t feel her coming out because ouch, and that the “after” would be a painful disaster. Labor was smooth and recovery was fine. I am obviously not an expert and know every experience is different. But I wanted to share what my postpartum recovery was like for me and what I relied on to get through it. There’s so little information given to new moms, so I’m sharing this to hopefully help some of you feel more prepared.

Postpartum Recovery and the Essentials I Relied On

A few friends with different experiences (“natural” drug-free labor, epidurals, c-sections, and one who hemorrhaged) all had babies right before I had Margot, and their experiences taught me that in the end, everything would be ok. I shared my birth story a few months ago, but here’s a short recap. Opting to go into labor and delivery without a birth plan worked very well for me. I can be Type A but I’m also not the best planner, and I didn’t want to go into it with any ideas of how things “should” go. The only certainty was that I wanted an epidural for pain relief. I knew I couldn’t control the rest, so we’d just wait and see. As someone who was initially very afraid of childbirth, I was shockingly calm once we got to the hospital.

My induction experience

I was so ready to meet my baby, to no longer be pregnant, and as long as she was healthy, nothing else mattered. My elective induction took place on my due date, mostly because I was terrified to go over my due date and have a huge baby (we were both big). I wanted to avoid a C section if I could. I opted to get an epidural as soon as I started to feel contractions. Again, just my experience, but most have told me it’s not bad, and that’s how it went for me as well. I dilated quickly, pushed for about 25 minutes, and had Margot about 10 hours after starting Pitocin. I tore and needed stitches in a place where nothing should ever ever tear. They did bother me – mostly because they pinched and itched a bit – but they were manageable. The post-baby part wasn’t comfortable, but it was fine. And having a baby is the best possible distraction. Literally nothing else matters.

I hate to admit this, but…

I hate to admit this, but one of the things I thought about most while pregnant was anticipating being 20+ lbs heavier all summer long. I’m not one of those lucky gals who gained 20-25 lbs. during my pregnancy. It was more like 40 and nothing fit for a while. A lot still doesn’t and I’m almost 6 months out. 20 lbs sort of flew off, and I naively thought I would lose the rest by the end of the year. I still have 10 to go and that’s ok. I grew a human! The takeaway is that as someone who worried about how I might feel, I was fine. Even though I don’t like the way my jeans fit, I know I’ll get back eventually.

All labor and recovery experiences are different, but it’s important to share the good ones

I understand every experiences are different, so this is just my experience, but it was all manageable. I felt ok most of the day, but for the first week or two, after moving around all day, started to feel really sore in the early hours of the evening. At that point, sitting was uncomfortable and I needed to just stuff an ice pack in my pants (TMI?) and sit still. There was a lot of fear around going to the bathroom (#2) but that wasn’t bad (for me) at all. It happened a few days post-delivery and was fine! Take those softeners that the hospital gives you!

The thing I should have done (but didn’t)

One of the things I should have done but didn’t do was take sitz baths. I knew about them, but a nurse said something to Conor about not taking regular baths that were too hot, and he thought she said I shouldn’t take baths at all. My stitches didn’t dissolve and were really bothering me a few weeks after having Margot. I thought one might be loose or poking me, so I went to the doctor and my stitches had to be removed. It was a very uncomfortable experience – so much that I had to ask the nurse to stop and give me a break more than once. But again, it wasn’t that bad.

As someone who doesn’t wear pads, I hated them so, so much. Postpartum underwear (yes, that’s a thing) saved me. So much more comfortable and easier to deal with. Once I got past the fact I was wearing diaper underwear (took about 10 seconds after slipping those babies on) I felt 1000x better.I thought everything would be feel horrible (down there) and I was sore, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. And the things that were uncomfortable were fine because I had Margot.


Here are some of the items I relied on to get through those first few weeks.

Comfortable Underwear

The hospital’s mesh underwear was loose and a little too medical. These are really comfortable and even fit ice packs. I would recommend wearing these when you’re ready for a thin liner. Super comfortable to wear during the day and to sleep in, too.


Pads were always sticking to my skin and moving around. Then my friend came over with these, and I used them for a few weeks. They’re basically lady diapers but they’re discreet enough and so much more comfortable than mesh underwear and pads.

The Fridet

The hospital gives you a regular squirt bottle, but this one is much better since it’s curved and easier to use. I filled it with warm water and used it any time I went to the bathroom for at least a few weeks.

Perineal Ice Packs

I felt pretty good during the day but for the first few weeks, once 5-7PM rolled around, I started to feel really sore down there. It was all manageable enough, but still pretty uncomfortable, so these ice packs came in very handy. To make them even stronger, I’d run them under a little cold water before putting this…down there. Be careful not to use them too much. To avoid TMI I’ll just stop there but trust me on that one.

Perineal Spray

This is completely natural and very soothing (and cooling, too). I’d it on any time I felt sore.

Pain Relieving Spray

This was given to me in the hospital, and I used it when I went to the bathroom or felt sore. Once the pain lessened, I switched to Earth Mama spray.


I used these the first few days, starting in the hospital. They felt very cooling and gave me some relief from soreness. The nurse advised me to line them up on a pad the way you would salami on a sandwich. Fun, right? You’re rolling your eyes aren’t you? They help!

High Waist Shaping Briefs

Walking made me feel really nauseous the first week or two. All the postpartum wraps had horrible reviews, so I gave these a shot – 100% for comfort and not to smooth things out, which is what they’re intended for. These made it so I could go on walks again in the beginning. I also highly recommend the Lululemon Align pants! They’re so comfortable and don’t dig in when you’re holding on to a few (or in my case 15) extra lbs.

Cooling Fan

Postpartum hormones are no joke, so having something to help you stay cool at night is a must. I blasted this fan on myself throughout most of my pregnancy and after having Margot, and I still use it every night.

Maternity Leggings

I lived in these and am not ashamed to admit that I still do, even though my bump has been gone for months. They’re fitted and so, so comfortable. Pull them up nice and high or fold them over. I love them!